Heather Interviews Heather Gordon: Wine Women And Revolution

Today on Wine, Women, and Revolution we have double the Heathers, as Heather interviews author and activist Heather Gordon. They discuss feminism, writing, politics, and the dangers of modern capitalism. Heather Gordon is as much of a badass as her heroines in her novels and we are so excited for you to get the chance to know her. To hear Heather Gordon in action you can watch the video of her speaking at the Ventnor School Board meeting here. Heather G ran for office for state assembly last in NJ’s second district last year. She bravely bucked the system and ran as an independent candidate. She spoke like a breath of fresh air against the state and outdated party system.

Heather Gordon is also an accomplished author and has written and published dozens of books. Her books feature strong and powerful female leads. They are a mix of supernatural, romance, and political commentary all in one. She explores subjects of slavery, oppression, and otherness. Her twist is she explores those concepts through werewolves and vampires. She puts a little of herself into her books as those who have seen her in action will attest.


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