NJRR Live: Action Report Fighting Racism in South Jersey

NJRR Live: Action Report Fighting Racism in South Jersey
#NJRR Livestream With Diane Moxley

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BOE Member stays put despite horrifically racist statements.

Daniel Leonard is not stepping down after making racist comments and standing by them. Instead of backing down this Trumper is calling for other racists to join him. Apparently this guy thinks he is the victim of something. Melissa Tomlinson joins Heather Warburton for this special NJRR Live show to let the Garden State know that Tom River needs you to support love over hate.

Toms River "Hate Has No Home Here" Rally
Wednesday at 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Toms River High School North
1245 Old Freehold Rd, Toms River, New Jersey 08753

Facebook Event


From Pittman New Jersey.  Idavox has reported that a conference including white nationalists, racists, morons, and even some pedophiles. No Hate NJ is urging folks to call the Broadway Theatre in Pittman, NJ regarding the conference and ask why they are hosting this thing. Their number is (856)384-8381.

*Breaking* We just received work this morning that the event will not be held at the Pitman Theater. We do not yet know the new location of the venue but follow us here at NJRR and at Idavox as this story develops.

We need money

 #NJRR needs resources to get to the story and put it out to you! Help us make sure that we gain momentum as we fight racism around the Garden State. Give 5, 10, or 20 bucks a month for Independent Media from New Jersey!

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