Wine Women And Revolution: Interview With Hugh Giordano

Wine Women And Revolution: Interview With Hugh Giordano

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On a special 420 episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution (The Socialist Podcast), Heather interviews Hugh Giorgano about all things green. From his run for State Assembly with the Green Party to his work with his union and others to be on the forefront of Cannabis legalization here in NJ. They also discuss restorative justice, where cannabis laws stand, and what supporters can do to make their voices heard. Hugh is a union representative for UFCW, United Food and Commercial Workers in Mays Landing, NJ. He is also a cannabis legalization activist and works to making sure all new cannabis workers are covered under unions. As Edward Forcion pointed out on this episode, we need to support our local Weedman, not the Caucasian Cannabis Corporations.

Hugh is a member of The Green Party, and ran for office a few years back. The Green Party supports legalization and restorative justice. For years, people of color have been arrested for selling a couple of joints.  They have spent time in jail. They have laid the groundwork for today’s legalization efforts. Any legislation must free these people from prison and wipe out their records. These new companies should not profit from years of other people’s labor. To make the system fair, we must recognize those who came before us.



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