Not a politically correct show and not for fans of the establishment. WTF centers on the contradictions of capitalism in NJ and pokes fun at the people who keep  us wallowing in the poverty and violence capitalism creates. We don't really care for highbrow analysis when a simple explanation will do, capitalism sucks. Enjoy the shows!

100th Episode Show

10/16/2018- Joining Brian and Pat is joined by Christian Perez from Absurdity and Modernity live at the Trend Tea and Coffee House in Montclair NJ in front of a live audience. Extra WTF comments from our comrades in the live audience add new excitement, we think we should do more shows on the road!

In Foreign Lands

8/5/2108- An Italian vacation and another overseas trip to a foreign land called New York, were socialism is liberalism and rats order whole pizzas. At least  the Socialist and Green Parties recognize that an endorsement for Howie Hawkins or no endorsement at all would be better.

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Our semi regular series "WTF With Pat and Brian" now has a mug. I mean, who doesn't want to drink coffee out of a socialists head, or two? Your purchase funds #NJRR. Solidarity!

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