A Grassroots Victory

An editorial by Heather Warburton

It isn’t very often in the activist world that you get to stand up and say “We Won” But I will let the graphic below speak for us.

This is a true victory for grassroots organizers. Within a few hours of NJRR publishing this proposed resolution, a coalition was forming under the leadership of local immigrant rights organizers. What started out as 4 people in a chat soon became 15. That 15 soon became a Facebook event seen by over 4 thousand people. Dozens of Atlantic County residents were poised to rally at the freeholder meeting and show that hate really has no place in our county.

Groups spanning the gambit from The Hispanic Association of Atlantic County to South Jersey Women for Progressive Change, and from OrganizaciĆ³n Azteca to Action Together New Jersey Atlantic County , and of course New Jersey Revolution Radio joined together to call for the removal of this resolution.

We learned of our victory about an hour ago when a coalition organizer was told by the freeholder’s office that 447 was withdrawn. After confirmation from a member of a freeholder board, a collective sigh of relief was shared by the coalition.

This does not end here though. A meeting is in the works between the freeholder who proposed this and members of the community to help him understand more fully why this was problematic. And of course we will still be rallying tomorrow at 3:30 both in celebration and to show we will always be watching. If someone attacks our immigrant neighbors, friends, family, and community members then we will show up for them.

Congratulations to members of the Atlantic County immigrant community and thank you for allowing us to join with you and share in this victory.


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