A Letter To The Paterson City Council

The following letter was written by Patterson Black Lives Matter and New Afrikan Black Panther activist Corey Lewis Teague

Dear Editor:

I’ve written this letter with the intent that city council members will read it and plan to take action accordingly.

From the outset, I firmly believe the city council has investigative powers insomuch as they should be able to at least call public safety officials to the carpet to question them on procedural issues with regards to properly filing incident reports and proper reporting procedures.

I’m calling on the city council to convince a special meeting in the council chambers to question the public safety director, police chief and fire chief about the proper procedures when it comes to completing incident reports, injuries sustained by civilians while in or around police officers, police HQ’s or substations.

The community elected this council under the presumption that it would fight for the public who also happens to be the same public who pays their salaries. It’s time for the council to take action and hold our public safety department accountable. Without giving specifics the council should at least be able to call police officials to the table for clarification. Let the activists deal with filing and requesting OPRA information.


Corey L. Teague

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