A Message On Veterans Day


On Veterans Day Peace Activists Say No More War in Our Names.

New Jersey Revolution Radio calls out on Veterans Day for peace and an end to oppression around the world.  This video is meant to inspire more Americans to take a moral stand against endless wars for profit. We also call for an end to the capitalist system that encourages violence around the world.

“Please save your thanks for me and work towards peace.”- Says Brian Powers #NJRR founder and veteran of the US Navy (95-99) ” My children don’t know what living in a peaceful world feels like, we have been at war their whole lives.”

Diane Is Going To Dublin

Diane Moxley will be traveling to Dublin to attend the first International Conference Against US and NATO Military Bases. We can look forward to her reports back from the conference including speeches from world leaders, activists, and revolutionaries from around the world.

Key Speakers In Dublin will include:

  • Dr. Aleida Guevara, Member of Cuban National Assembly, Cuba
  • Ann Wright, Veterans For Peace, CODEPINK, USA
  • Ajamu Baraka, National Coordinator, Black Alliance for Peace; 2016 Green Party candidate for vice president of the United States, USA

For a full list of speakers and more information click here. 

After her reporting from Dublin is done, Diane will then accompany a delegation of activists to The International Criminal Court in The Netherlands to demand an investigation into the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

When asked about how she relates the timing of this trip so close to veterans day  Diane said, “We can honor our veterans by putting an immediate end to spending on endless wars and bring the money home to support and care for those in need”

Diane will be checking in during this trip on the Facebook Live Stream and upon her return she will be reporting back right here on New Jersey Revolution Radio about her experiences at these historic events!

Can you help fund more work like this? Our donors are helping make this trip happen! We can’t do things like this without you! Click here to make a contribution. 


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