About Us

Who We Are 

We are Revolution Radio, a national independent media network created to foster art and activism. We are anti-capitalist, which means we do not accept corporate money.  All of our funding comes from audience contributions so that our message is never compromised. We believe that social change starts with individuals, so Revolution Radio exists to bring you stories and information from the grassroots. Unfortunately, mainstream media is rife with corruption. Therefore, it is up to independent media to bring the people legitimate and relevant information. That’s where we come in.

What We Do

Revolution Radio produces several weekly and semi-weekly shows, hosts meetings for a diverse editorial board, and much more. Every Wednesday at 8PM EST, Brian Powers hosts #NJRR Live and Leah Giannantonio writes up an article to accompany the show. Once a month, Christian Perez is the host of #NJRR Live. Revolution Radio is also affiliated with One People’s Project to bring you timely Idavox Reports with Daryle Lamont-Jenkins. #NJRR Live and The Idavox Report both frequently feature special guests. These guests include veteran activists, political figures, talented artists, and more. We also host Special Reports with comrades from around the United States and the world. Although national news is extremely important, Revolution Radio also covers events across the globe. We are committed to covering worldwide struggles against the establishment. 

Our Staff

Revolution Radio is a growing network with comrades across the nation. We recruit passionate, knowledgeable activists as part of our operations. Founder and Senior Organizer Brian Powers started Revolution Radio in 2018 as a homemade podcast and has since developed the company into what it is today. He has been working in media for over 20 years. Brian’s activism began in New Jersey but has since expanded nationally as he has moved to Maine. He got his start in the labor sector, but today his activism includes but is not limited to issues involving labor, immigration, incarceration, foreign policy, poverty, cannabis justice, mutual aid, police violence, and justice system reform.

Our writer, Leah Giannantonio, joined Revolution Radio in 2020. Leah started as an intern who was fulfilling an academic requirement for her Cannabis Studies minor at Stockton University. Leah was glad to become a regular Revolution Radio staff member when her internship ended. She writes the articles that accompany the #NJRR Live podcast, maintains our social media accounts, helps behind the scenes in Revolution Radio productions, and reaches out to network with activists across the nation. From time to time, Leah joins us for one of our productions as on-air talent!

What’s an independent media network without a resident professor? You might be surprised. Christian Perez, host of the Modernity and Absurdity podcast, is here to save the day. Since meeting through activism, Christian and Brian have been comrades for years. A professor of political science, Christian hosts #NJRR Live once a month and often discusses issues related to conspiracy theories, from those that are downright ridiculous to some that are frighteningly dangerous. Christian is a proud supporter of Revolution Radio.

Brian Powers Founded RevRad as a statewide media company for New Jersey in 2017. He took his grassroots organizing model national founding Revolution Radio in January of 2021
Christian Perez Brings a variety of academic credentials and expertise on subjects from conspiracy theories to politics.
Leah Giannantonio brings @RevRadNat youth and energy through writing and social media.

The radical right is out of pocket. That’s no surprise to anyone who knows what they’re talking about. But who is keeping them in check? That is where long-time Revolution Radio comrade Daryle-Lamont Jenkins comes in. Daryle is an award-winning author and producer who has been in activism for over 30 years. Today, Daryle works tirelessly with his company, One People’s Project, and its newsline, Idavox, to identify and doxx members of dangerous right-wing groups. More often than not, these groups include white supremacists and Nazis. Knowledge is power and the knowledge that Daryle collects gives us the power to fight back. Daryle is also a member of the Revolution Radio Editorial Board.

Where We’re Going

2021 is here and Revolution Radio is continuing to grow and expand to new markets. We are always looking to add new productions and shows and we depend on your donations to be able to do that.

One of the most exciting things that Revolution Radio is doing is the implementation of an Editorial Board! The Board is your chance to be a part of our independent media revolution, either as an individual or as an organization. Organizations like student groups, social justice organizations, and labor activists can find more comrades and connections. Artists will have the opportunity to meet clients and promote their work! 

The Editorial Board meets online monthly to hear from our supporters about the network and communicate with staff as well as hearing from special guests and on-air talent from our productions. Members will have the opportunity to suggest topics of conversation for #NJRRLive, pitch ideas for special guests and music, and tell us whatever else they might like. 

Daryle Lamont-Jenkins hosts “The IDAVOX Report” Every Tuesday Live at 8pm EST.

Members of the Revolution Radio Editorial Board will have a chance to network nationally and be on panel discussions related to their expertise, and there are no requirements to attend meetings or to add work to your schedule. The benefits for activists and organizations come from new sources of opportunity and information, discounts, and more earned media! 

Revolution Radio is building a counter-culture that fosters social revolution, putting peace and planet over profit. 2021 is our year to make a better world. Join the revolution today! 

Where To Find Us

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