Absurdity and Modernity: Episode 8-Ron Rivers From Our Society

Ron Rivers, the founder of Our Society defines the project as a Free and open election campaign platform and a social movement. Our Society is something for all American citizens but with a focus on younger voters. Our Society is aware of the role technology plays in our everyday lives and is a project that hopes to make it easier for the electorate to cut through the propaganda and connect directly with candidates and the issues.

Oursociety.org aims to strike a blow against the power of money in politics. It’s a mechanism for voters to educate themselves on the issues, and also serves to empower everyday people to run for office. Nowadays where it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to run for a simple local election, or where the overwhelming majority of lawmakers in the US are either businessmen or lawyers, Our Society seeks to bring power back to the voters. Democracy works best with an informed public. OurSociety.org is about ensuring we have the best democracy possible.

From the OurSociety.org website: “Our Purpose is to empower people to engage in their local communities and beyond by removing the financial barriers associated with running for political office.” Democracy is about people coming together to discuss all the issues. That’s the core of Our Society’s mission.

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