ALEC Is Growing: Interview With Mary Bottari

ALEC Is Growing: Interview With Mary Bottari
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Do you know ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council)? If you do not then you should! This interview with Mary Bottari from The Center For Media and Democracy is an update for those of us who have been following this corrupt organization or a chance for you to get a first look at this groups influence on New Jersey Politics.

Alec’s pursuit of far right policies have fueled the private prison industry and interfered with union rights for years. Their history is dark and rooted in white supremacy.

ALEC had a big impact in creating the incarceration crisis.

The American Legislative Exchange Council was born building up private prison groups like the Geo Groups and Corrections Corporation of America which has recently tried to escape their horrendous human right violations by re-branding themselves “CorCivic” they pushed more incarceration of migrants, we all remember the mandatory sentencing laws and other harsh sentences that filled prisons and fueled this modern day slavery.

ALEC pushed “Stand Your Ground”

Gun Laws are a big part of what built up ALEC. These horribly written laws have been used by white supremacists and disturbed people to provoke fights with innocent people and kill them using the “Stand Your Ground” law as a defense as a result we have witnessed cases like the murder of Travon Martin.

ALEC Shows Off That Racism Is Fueling These Policies.

This group is now falling into the hands of racist conservative fools like David Horowitz who has been trying to advance an effort to amend our constitution. He spoke at the last ALEC gathering in New Orleans, this shows a very racist and ultra conservative view influencing policy makers directly, and we know that these policies are not what Americans want.

Check out this great interview with a Wisconsin native with a New Jersey education!

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