Alex Jones Takes A Hit

NJRR welcomes our newest content provider, Christian Perez, host of Modernity and Absurdity

We are here with a quick tidbit episode! In this relatively short episode Christian looks into radio host, conspiracy theorist and right wing conman Alex Jones’ recent expulsion from Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Youtube.

Christian confronts the lie that this is a free speech issue. And defends it as the right thing to do. It is a decency issue. Alex Jones is an indecent man. When he’s not railing against “globalists” and satanic pedophile government agents, he’s crying about the deep state and selling snake oil to his gullible supporters.

Alex Jones’ dismissal from social media has the potential to be the greatest snake hunt in history, even an example of corporate progressivism, but alas we know they will drop the ball.

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