Cora Santaguida is a CT native who is formerly homeless, and a Green since 2012. She ran for Stamford Board of Education, Board of Representatives, Constable, and State Senate District 27 and she is getting ready to take another crack at the 27th this election. This dedicated Green was the state coordinator for the Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, and currentl;y serves as the co chair of the Ballot Access Committee for Green Party US. a Justice of the Peace, and co-chair of her local chapter.

If that was not enough Cora is also locally recognized poet and non fiction essayist.

Cora says, “Homelessness and affordable housing is an issue that is near and dear to me for personal reasons of course, but also, I believe that any issue that the Green Party addresses, these issues and topics are under the huge black cloud of economic inequality. I appreciate how Greens examine the root and cause, and build solutions from there. No issue is a ‘one topic’ issue. (AKA homelessness–we look at-poverty, racism, immigrants rights, healthcare, childcare, militarization of police, mass incarceration, the drug war, lack of living wage, women’s reproductive rights… and on and on)”

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