Brian is not on the Turnpike, but he is stuck on 129 into Trenton, low on coffee, and excited about NJRR! The busy schedule has kept him away from recording  rants, however being away from the show has given him time to get NJRR platforms on StitcherGoogle Play, and Soundcloud! The website is doing great and the activist community is fueling our growth! Thank you for helping us out! We are only about 35 dollars a month away from meeting our current monthly budget. Can you chip in?

Today Brian reflects on his interview with NJWeedman Edward Forchion and how antagonizing your opposition has big risks, but is absolutely necessary to developing some strength for your cause. Edward lost 447 days of his life while incarcerated. People who make sacrifices like that feel a sense of purpose when it changes things. NJWeedman has committed himself to running for office and talking about the impact of the bail reform act, we respect his opinions and hope activists can echo his voice when he speaks about social justice.

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