Awaiting A Reckoning

Awaiting a Reckoning: Mainstream Media Accountability Post-Mueller

By: Ryan Hosey


Can you feel that? That’s the feeling of the walls closing in. At this point, one can envision Rachel Maddow foaming at the mouth.

If you watch cable news, you might as well think Donald Trump felt the walls closing in 6 million times over the course of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s now-infamous probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and in particular, whether or not Trump or members of his campaign colluded with the Kremlin.


The election of Trump, a deadbeat game show host with a big mouth, to the highest office in the land on November 8th, 2016 rocked the mainstream press to their very core, and on the morning of the 9th, the smug White House correspondents of the New York Times and clueless pundits on CNN and MSNBC, who once laughed at the thought of a Trump administration, were now stuck at a daunting fork in the road.

Do they explain the truth to the American people, that Donald Trump’s victory was a result of the 40 plus years of neoliberal failure in America, or do they delve into a whack-ass conspiracy ripped straight from Joseph McCarthy’s wet dreams to try to deflect from the most humiliating presidential defeat in modern American history, and keep us waiting with baited breath for walls to close in?

Well who knows, maybe if I was being paid thousands of dollars I would abandon all integrity and hop on the crazy train, too.


There is a reason why when Donald Trump cries “fake news”, it sticks with folks: Because there is actually some validity to the claim, and nothing proves that more than the Russiagate phenomenon. For two years, the mainstream media has spread fake news saying Donald Trump was a Manchurian Candidate, and people who were once at least somewhat skeptical of mass-produced group think abandoned all critical thinking skills to dive into one big overblown mess (I’m looking at you, Bill Maher and Cenk Uygur).

Cable news has been a cesspool for years, but watching it now at any time of the day is completely nauseating. Gone are the days when a level-headed voice such as Phil Donahue or Ed Schultz could cut through the fake news for a bit to give perspectives that the powers-that-be view as treasonous. Unfortunately, it seems that any time you tell the truth on cable news you get sacked in the nads and labeled persona non-grata.


If there were any adults in the room during Russiagate, they were silenced or diminished from public light quicker than Maddow can say Alex van der Zwaan (don’t tempt her, she may start salivating on the floor and tapping her foot uncontrollably).

Consider level-heads like Glenn Greenwald, who has long been skeptical of the phenomenon and was never given adequate cable coverage to stake his claims, or even Jimmy Dore, who has been hammering the Democrats and the mainstream media for their journalistic malpractice for years. Both dismissed and ignored.

Others truth-tellers, such as Aaron Mate of the Real News, dismissed and ignored. Kyle Kulinski, Mike Figueredo, all totally ignored. The whole of the independent media landscape has been branded conspiratorial by corrupt news outlets that have literally been spewing Glenn Beck-style conspiracies for two years straight, and mind you, they are supposed to be keeping you informed.

As Trump says, very dishonest people.

And you know what? Hacks like Lawrence O’Donnell and David Corn won’t face any repercussions for the hysteria they peddled. In fact, some of these hacks may be so far up Phil Griffin and Jeff Zucker’s ass they may get raises. It’s a funny world we live in.


In all seriousness, Russiagate is nothing more than another failure from the Mainstream Media that literally could have been based off of Rod Serling’s script for the Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”. In the episode, a group of neighbors destroy themselves in a hysterical rage trying to find the source of mysterious disturbances and power outages. Little did they know, they were being controlled by a group of extraterrestrial beings perched on a hillside watching the madness unfold.

The only difference between the dodo heads at MSNBC and the Washington Post and the citizens of Maple Street is that Rachel Maddow and David Weigel know damn well who is pulling the strings, and unfortunately the world we live in is rigged in such a way that the likes of Rachel Maddow and Erin Burnett will continue to live great lives in their NYC or wherever apartments while the people they spent two years publicly defecating in front of will be left holding doggy bags and looking mighty misled.


There is something that we, the common-sense outsiders can do. In fact, we’ve been doing it this whole time, and that’s why now we are here sitting pretty saying “I told ya so” and not looking like escaped Ancora patients.

Just keep on not listening to them. Hear them, but don’t listen to them.

Hear how they misinform, take from it what you will, and move on knowing that you know full well the game the media plays and to steer clear to avoid the shit show.

Tell your friends, your family, anyone who gives enough of a fuck to take seriously the threat of misinformation from the neoliberal mainstream media.

Keep on being an outsider, it’s cooler here anyway.

Ryan is our new intern at NJRR, expect to read lots more opinion pieces and articles from him in the coming months

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