Campaign Update! Green Party Candidate For Senate Madelyn Hoffman

On Indigenous People’s Day Madelyn Hoffman joins us on the #NJRR Live Stream to talk about her campaign up to this date and gets real about the importance of her campaign at this time. While the Democrats are busy defending a corrupt and hugely unpopular candidate, the republicans are elevating a Trump supporting pharmaceutical executive as a moderate. Neither party is a addressing the horrific cost of war in lives or money, neither is seriously addressing money in politics, and the duopoly still will not move this country away from a for-profit healthcare system.

The Green Party as a Force For Change

Madelyn and the Greens have realistic expectations for this years elections and beyond. The failure of our 2 party system to address serious issues can only be fixed by campaigns like hers. Even though electoral success is unlikely, her campaign has galvanized communities around issues, and helped the Greens make new connections that will help campaigns in the future.

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