Recorded on January 11, 2019

#NJRR Live

Modernity and Absurdity’s Christian Perez talks about modern and historic conspiracy theory Live in Hammonton. We start of getting an explanation of what is “real conspiracy”? Likewise, what is “conspiracy theory”? Through history there are a lot of examples of both.

A lot of what drives conspiracy is antisemitism and other kinds of prejudice or hate. Fear that groups of people are secretly conspiring against your group of people can drive conspiracy theory. And the damage that is done to our movements is real. Conspiracy theory takes energy away from the real organizing work that a revolution requires.

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4 comments on ““Conspiracy Theory 101” With Christian Perez

  1. Frank says:

    Norcross and Sweeney are taking over Gannett News under a group of his Hedge fund investors

    Norcross had Lewis Katz killed three days after he lost the Inquire. Katz saw the dirty game Norcross and his daughter Lexie were playing at the Inquire. Lexie directed the entire website to teashybstories. See story below.

    Norcross will use his ownership at the Gannett and other news papers to lay off editors and pay off other editors with envelopes of cash to orchestrate stories to his liking that praise his political operatives. He will have these evil editors defame, slander and damage those he seeks to destroy by ruining reputations with negative, misleading story telling and conspired arrest and court decisions made by corrupt judges that he has controlled for decades.

    One judge is Jerome Simandle who has been tossing cases that are filed against Norcross and his cronies. Simandle tosssed the Ted Rosenberg case and many others. He is working on redistricting in PA to help Norcross with elections. Simandle is a dirty judge. Norcross will use media to control elections and take overs of the United States. This is not a conspiracy, it is factual. People need to wake up.

    Norcross plans to take over Gannett media. This is scary and will ruin democracy. We will see a one World order news syndication forming

    Lexie Norcross redirects website when she worked at newspaper before she was fired by Katz shortly after take over.—5bjlXq4UJFNE%3famp

  2. Frank says:

    Chris Christie and a federal judge Jerome Simandle helped Norcross rise to power to by allowing him to corrupt and hijack from the poor and innocent.

  3. Frank says:

    This is not conspiracy about Norcross, it is reality and that is why Norcross has succeeded throughout the decades. It is sad but real.

    What he does is like a horror show and it is being carried out

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