Daryle Lamont Jenkins Announces National Days Of Unity

Tonight on New Jersey Revolution Radio Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project and Idavox tells us what went down in Pitman when white supremacists tried to organize.

White Power in Pitman

Fascists were trying to brand themselves in town, but lost the battle.  #NJRRR Senior Organizer Heather Warburton, Daryle and others led a counter-protest of a conference,  “Ending Racism, Violence and Authoritarianism”-organized by Bill Ottman of Minds.com.

He collaborated with Tim Poole, who is known from the Occupy movement.  However, he is now decidedly on the right, and is going after groups and movements like Antifa. With this, there are lies being spun by Poole and right wing media. Big surprise, right?

The conference was going to be held at the Broadway Theater. Poole publicly stated that Antifa was threatening to burn the building down, when really Broadway cancelled the event over voiced concerns about the attendees of the event, including known pedophilia advocates and Holocaust deniers.

The conference was moved to the Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia but the group still had ties to Pitman. There was a scheduled “after party” at Human Village Brewery Company. Daryle, Heather, and other activists showed up, most being locals who did not want this activity in their town.  What they saw will haunt the owners of Human Village Brewing for a long time. Witnesses reported being harassed and shouts of “White Power” were heard.

Boston Straight Pride

Resist Marxism, a fascist group tied to Proud Boys organized the rally held on August 31st.  This anti-gay rally was attended by about 200 pro-straight people, but were outnumbered by thousands of anti-protesters. Some got arrested, and experienced abuse by the police, including the use of pepper-spray.

The Days of Unity

October is the month dedicated to unity, diversity, and antifascism. Trump is calling Antifa is a terrorist organization. The Days of Unity are to educate and stand in solidarity with those who are antifascist. October 5th will be a Day of Unity, where rallies and marches are being held across the country. Click here for information on organizing locally and helping contribute to this important effort against fascism.


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The state  released the coroners report, but it did not include the toxicology report. Officials claim that he died from an overdose of bath salts. The police admit that they used compliance holds, when Jameek was not under arrest. Details are being kept secret still, and the city of Paterson refuses to satisfy the family’s demands for transparency and justice. “hile not all police in Paterson were not involved in his death, they are covering up the story. There is evidence of criminal police activity in the department.

Tuesday night City Council meetings are being held. Join the family to support them! Visit the Facebook Page for current information.

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