Dave Grossman, Killology, & Police Brutality

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It was great to see people of color getting recognition at the Oscars last night, but we still think Chadwick Boseman was snubbed. Even Anthony Hopkins, who he lost to, acknowledged this. Last week, on #NJRR Live, we discussed the movie Nomad Land, and last night, it won several Oscars. Two Distant Strangers, which we also discussed on the show just last week, also won an award.

Dave Grossman’s Disgusting Existence

Tonight we are going to be talking about something a lot less light-hearted than the Oscars. It is something that has been brought up on the show multiple times before. Considering the debate around police reform/abolishment that has been a hot topic in society lately, it is time for us to have a show where we dive into the toxic rhetoric of Dave Grossman. Police in this country are essentially being taught to operate as psychopaths. Let’s talk about how and why.

Dave Grossman is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and ex-police trainer. He is founder of the Killology research group. He served as an army ranger when he was in the army for 23 years. Grossman was a Psychology professor of Military Science at West Point University. He has written six books, both fiction and nonfiction. Among his nonfiction titles is On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War And Society. This book, among others of his, are on required military and police academy reading lists. 

[The #Idavox Report April 27, 2021 with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, and Christian Perez]

Toxic Police Culture

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Grossman blamed mass shootings on video games, which Christian comments is “sloppy” and “lazy” scapegoating behavior. Grossman is a stupid person’s idea of a smart person. He misdirects attention to mislead people into thinking problems exist where they do not. Meanwhile, he contributes to the very real problem of toxic police culture.

In Grossman’s media, he reinforces that you aren’t a man unless you can be violent. The police, as Daryle mentions, “are lovin’ this dude.” A lot of our problems today can be traced to police misconduct influenced by Grossman’s teachings. Thousands of police officers have taken his courses. Daryle asserts that Grossman is the single most influential police trainer in America today. His schtick is to brainwash officers to make killing a conditioned reflex.

Conditioned Killing

Grossman’s teachings caution police trainees that they are under risk of deadly assault at any moment and that cops should err on the side of violence. He pushes a view of the world today where gangsters are trying to set cop-killing records and that every kid has murder fantasies. 

He warns them about the effects of combat conditions and even makes a biblical argument for killing. Grossman likens civilian police interactions to being in a warzone. 

Meanwhile, the facts do not back Grossman up. Retail workers are just as likely to be killed on the job as police officers. Grossman has been teaching this course for 20 years. He is teaching people to embrace the word kill. This guy teaches cops to hate the communities that they are supposed to protect. Christian cautions that, as Americans, we cannot trust anything coming out of conservatism and the Repuclican party. Everything that they promote is a lie, and many of those lies are dangerous.

Fear and Violence

Dave Grossman is a sick individual. Daryle cues a video wherein Grossman is advertising the fact that the sex is great after you (a cop) kill people. The disgusting video speaks for itself. There have always been people, particularly, a segment of racist white America, that have gotten off on violence against Black bodies. Domination over certain groups has historically had sexual connotations. Disturbingly, there are whole sections of Pornhub that are dedicated specifically to white men dominating Black women and society doesn’t really ever address that.

[Dave Grossman on good sex after killing fellow human beings]

Bigots are people who are afraid that those they’ve oppressed might turn things around and do to them exactly what they’ve been doing to others for hundreds of years. They see themselves as being on top of society and they are afraid to lose that. They use violence as a means to preserve their perceived superiority. White supremacy, like other forms of bigotry, operates on fear.

Philando Castile’s Murderer

The cop who killed Philando Castile took one of Grossman’s courses as part of police training. The pig in question had taken 56 hours of Dave Grossman’s Bulletproof mindset course. Philando Castile was killed in his car with his girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter present. He was reaching for his license and registration as requested and announcing what he was doing when the cop fired on him multiple times. 

The officer feared that he might be reaching for a firearm. Castile died immediately. The cop was cleared in Court because the jury said it was because no outside witnesses got a clear view or video of what was happening past the car windows and they believed the officer in question. There are lots of people sitting in jail who were convicted without clear video evidence. 

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Ineptitude and Corruption

Out of over 15,000 cases involving police killings in the past years, only 7 have led to convictions. Bias and doctrines such as qualified immunity generally protect police from being convicted. Furthermore, there are people who will always vote in favor of police in Court, regardless of the facts, simply because they are biased towards the police.

Cops in the United States are uneducated and what education they do receive often promotes violence. According to CNN, multiple states require more trainingtime to be a barber or beautician than to become a cop. What’s worse, white supremacy is ingrained in our institutions. This is a formula for disaster.

Continued Ideological Struggle

Grossman’s teachings were recently finally officially discontinued from police training, in response to widespread controversy. However, this doesn’t mean his teachings aren’t still being circulated. This man has a huge following. People still pay to hear him speak. 

Daryle calls on Americans to keep speaking out against this disgusting man and his dangerous mindset that he tries to force on people. Daryle also calls on police to protect their communities without always using guns, much like 90% of the UK police force does. Brian signs off with his usual catchphrase, which is as relevant now as it’s ever been: “Police can quit their jobs.”

-Leah Giannantonio, for the New Jersey Revolution Radio Network

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