Diane Moxley – Super Activist


In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution (The Socialist Podcast) Heather interviews Diane Moxley. Diane is a socialist, congressional candidate, green, and long-time activist. Diane is also a comrade of NJRR and you can hear her other appearances here  and here

The Meme

The Woman

Diane has been a part of the activist community for years. She occupied Wall Street in 2011, and this photo was taken by her daughter on the one-year anniversary of that occupation. Diane has been a pro-choice activist, and a peace activist in a time when peace activism was a lonely place to be, and a water protector at Standing Rock. She even had the chance to yell at Mitt Romney in New Hampshire https://patch.com/new-hampshire/bedford-nh/video-mitt-romney-engages-occupier-at-grassroots-rally


The Voice For Peace

Diane is the voice for peace on the CD-7 ballot. If you vote for someone with a D or R after their name, you can rest assured they will support war and bloated military budgets. Well over half of our tax dollars go to fund war. The D’s and R’s almost unanimously voted for a 716-billion-dollar military budget. Some estimate the real numbers may be as high as a trillion dollars if you include off the book actions.


The Candidate

Diane Moxley is running for Congress in NJ on the Green Party Ballot Line.  In 2012, Diane started researching alternatives to the 2-party duopoly and discovered the Green Party. Her campaign is 100% grassroots. She takes no corporate money (much like us here at NJRR) which allows her to have tough conversations about important issues. Her platform is shaped by the real people she talks to as she canvasses neighborhoods throughout New Jersey.  Her platform includes free public higher education, environmental protection, peace, and improved Medicare for All.


Find out more about her platform at http://moxleyforus.com/