#HandsOffVenezuela Solidarity

Solidarity With #HandsOffVenezuela

The problems of Venezuela are best aided by peaceful means and lifting sanctions. The American people are being persuaded into a possible war with Venezuela. A propaganda campaign put on by war criminal Eliot Abrams and Phsycopath John Bolton is underway. New Jersey Revolution Radio is in solidarity with all people and groups working to prevent another Iraq in South America.

Here in New Jersey both Senators Bob Menendez and Presidential Candidate Cory “T-Bone” Booker are supporting the South American policy of Donald Trump, Eliot Abrams, and John Bolton. The people of New Jersey have no interest in another Blood for Oil campaign, and they should know it. No organization supporting these insane plans should be left alone.

Educate and Organize!

Take advantage of these educational links, change your social media profiles, and help us make a clear statement. HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!

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Activists Jay Arena and Madelyn Hoffman confront Senator Bob Menendez. 

#NJRR Live: A Special Panel on Venezuela

Code Pink FAQ

US economic sanctions have harshly curtailed Venezuela’s ability to raise funds to upgrade its oil sector and to raise funds to diversify its economy.

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