Tonight on New Jersey Revolution Radio, Brian checks in with Heather to follow up with the Interview with Helen and Gail from the Atlantic County democrats. Then Heather issues a request for help from listeners to call Catherine McCabe from the NJDEP and Gov Murphy to tell them not to extend the 4 year old permits for the South Jersey Gas Pipeline. Call, Write Letters, Hold Events but whatever you do, do it before Friday June 22nd. Contact her D.E.P. at this link!

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>>>Updated Call In Info<<<

Here are some talking points and phone numbers for all making calls today

Call Governor Murphy at Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

And the Catherine McCabe at NJ DEP at
866-DEP-KNOW (866-337-5669)

Concerning the DEP permit extension for the South Jersey Gas Pipeline

1)The DEP does not have to automatically extend these 4 year old permits simply because South Jersey Gas asked them to.

2)During the original permitting process these permits were rushed through by Christie and Sweeney citing dire need for this facility. They warned of brownouts and freezing in the winter in South Jersey. 4 years have passed and none of that has come to pass. There was a major flaw in the original permitting process.

3)Laws and regulations have changed, has South Jersey Gas demonstrated they are in compliance with all new laws and regulations

4)This is a highly protected ecosystem which supplies clean drinking water to almost 1 million people

5)This pipeline does not primarily serve the needs of those residing in the Pinelands Region

6)Neither South Jersey Gas nor the DEP ever conducted a water quality analysis, therefore the DEP lacks any factual basis to issue a permit.

On all of these grounds we demand this extension be denied and SJG be forced to undergo a thorough and complete new approval process.

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