3 Activists for peace and justice join the Green Party New Jersey Co-Chair Theresa Markila for a conversation that the mainstream, media and candidates on the campaign continue to ignore, imperialism. Ajamu Baraka, Madelyn Hoffman, and Diane Moxley have a conversation that America needs to have, we hope that their efforts grow the peace movement.

The Definition of Imperialism

Ajamu Baraka, who has been a peace activist for decades gives us a clear explanation of imperialism at the start. It is important that we are able to understand what imperialism is. The foreign policy of violence goes back to the moment European colonizers came here and committed genocide against the indigenous people that were already here.

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We are Ignoring Peace During Elections

As Green Party Candidates, both Madelyn and Diane are running this year as Greens, and they feel the frustration that all voices for peace feel right now. As activists are trying to get Americans to pay attention to the continuing wars during frantic elections. We must competing for attention with stories about porn stars and Russia, The fact is both parties support war and the media supports it too. It is critical that we, as Ajamu says “Organize campaigns in non- traditional ways….campaigns that are in contact with people who may not be participating (in politics) right now.” And of course , the CIA Democrats are at work in New Jersey promoting war soon we will see both Hillary Clinton come in to campaign for Bob Menendez, and Madelyn Albright will be in CD-7 to support the torture supporting Tom Malinowski. 

Join the Cause

On October 15 Hillary Clinton will be in Jersey City for a fundraiser. Be there for the counter protest, join the NJ Peace movement. We need your voice to confront the bi-partisan war machine.

Join the struggle for a ban on nuclear weapons!

Join The Black Alliance For Peace!

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