Interview With Madelyn Hoffman – The Syrian Crisis

Interview With Madelyn Hoffman – The Syrian Crisis

Listen to an update about the President’s recent comments on Syria and other political discussion about what might happen in the near future with Syria. The situation is serious. Madelyn keeps us informed about the political dynamics that shape the military industrial complex and has to help a gloomy Brian remember that there are actions we can take. That’s what good organizers do, we pick each other up!

Podcast Notes:

Madelyn talks about the economic policies that impact education, healthcare and other important decisions.

War costs us up to %57 of the Federal Budget.

No Congress has authorized war since WW2.

There will be a digital day of action tomorrow (Wednesday). Here are some links and resources from MoveOn for that:
• Sign up for the Thunderclap here < projects/69254-no-war-cabinet- block-pompeo> >>> It launches at Wed. @ 1 PM ET
• Participate in the #StopPompeo Tweetstorm Wed. @ 1 PM ET
• Use the toolkit here < document/d/1B5bQKAhM681utb5q- VdAWn8GJwfn11bQtC_P9vItXeU/ edit?usp=sharing> with graphics, click to tweet, and suggested copy
• We’ve also added a click to tweet guide < document/d/ 1yX7tGY6PEhzqYBLR86koi93TTSDBI Ajqj45ZNnfY1wU/edit> which is open to the public

Here are those for some of the swing Senators:

Also attached is a meme that we put together last year when we were working to block Pompeo’s appointment as C.I.A. Director, which still lists very relevant reasons to oppose him for Secretary of State.

Click Here to send a message and get more information.



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