Interview With Tom Violett- Monmouth County Greens

Interview With Tom Violett- Monmouth County Greens

Tom Violett talks about how becoming involved with his church led him to 3 years of service to the Haitian community and what that taught him about organizing. Listen here on Soundcloud.

Podcast Notes

First organizing with Meadowlands Ministries, ’83-’84, ecumenical group focused on bringing communities into the decision making process for the development of the Meadowlands. Key contact Fr. David Kern, who taught me how to be a David against  the Goliaths.
Led to going to Haiti ’85-’87 working for the development office of the Episcopal church.
Went back to college, got married and started a career in construction management. Growing up poor, parents never owning a home, on food stamps, etc….was working on the old American Dream. Bought a house, started a family, solid middle to upper middle class. Then 2008. The crash. Everyone I knew laid off. On unemployment for 1-1/2 years. Struggling to save house. Negotiating with bank….
2009-2010 took a job with Project Porchlight, campaign to distribute CFLs and educate about programs thru the BPU and NJ Clean Energy Program.
Areas of focus in New Jersey.
  • NIMA (National Improved Medicare for All), via HOPE (Health Over Profit For Everyone) HR 676 focus
  • Anti-War Coalition Against US Foreign Military Bases focus on organizing against trump military parade Nov. 11th
  • Immigration Cosecha, Casa Freehold focus on drivers licenses
  • Solitary confinement/prison reform NJCAIC (Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement A314
  • $15 Now NJ
  • Contact

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