On this New Jersey Revolution Radio episode, founder Brian Powers joins Jim Brash. We hear about the struggle for an increase in the New Jersey Minimum Wage. The Democratic party is working hard to water down upcoming raise in the minimum wage. Working class people need more than $15 an hour right now, however, the Democratic party is trying to make workers wait years until we get to fifteen and when we get there they want people to be left out:

Who is getting left behind?

Unfortunately this countries labor laws, like so many other laws have a construct meant to uphold white supremacy. While constructing the New Deal the Wagner Act left out public workers, domestic workers, and farm workers. These workers were left out to appease racist politicians who were maintaining the legacy of slavery. What our right wing Democratic Party is advocating is just as racist and sexist as laws being passed in 1935. They want to leave out agricultural workers so that the wealthy farmers in our more rural areas can keep paying slave wages to immigrants.

Where does Brian think that the union movement going?

Things are changing for unions fast. For years membership has declined and the Janus case promises to pave a path to more “Right To Work Laws” around the country. It will force the changes we need to make to survive. The next generation will be taking the reigns of our society in general over the next decade or so. The union movement must welcome the next generation of workers and find places that they can lead.

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