New Jersey Revolution Radio and The Northstar Announce a Partnership.

New Jersey Revolution Radio and The Northstar Announce a Partnership.

New Jersey- The Anti- Capitalist grassroots network around the country grows stronger when we unite. That is the principal that has guided New Jersey Revolution Radio (NJRR) to The Northstar. Work will begin immediately to collaborate on solutions to capitalism and foster grassroots activism that challenges the establishment.

After starting up in late March of 2018 New Jersey Revolution Radio has produced hours of podcasts, blogs, and helped organize with grassroots activists around the state. “NJRR is committed to working with comrades trying to establish a systemic change away from capitalism and towards a more sustainable future.” Said Brian Powers, Founder and Senior Organizer for the new platforms. “We do not exercise creative control over content providers. If you are anti capitalist, anti-racist, and you are helping organize around positive solutions, New Jersey Revolution Radio will do whatever we can to give you a bigger voice. Joining with The Northstar means more platforms and opportunities for our communities to speak out against the bourgeoisie of this New Gilded Age“

Powers hosts the show “Left Off The Parkway” He is joined by a regular contributors Heather Warburton, Theresa Markila, Jim Brash, Madelyn Hoffman, and a host of other activists around the state who speak on issues of the environment, racial and social justice, politics and other issues from around the Garden State and the World.

Heather’s show “Wine, Women, and Revolution” has already exposed shady support for Jeff Van Drew and interviewed activists involved in grassroots efforts from around the state. Heather said  “This is such an exciting merger of leftist and anti-capitalist voices here in NJ. We are always stronger when we unite. Now is the time for us all to join together to dismantle the destructive force of capitalism, and clear the path to create a society that benefits everyone” says Heather Warburton, Art Director and Organizer for NJRR.

The North Star editorial board looks forward to the possibilities this partnership will open up.” Said Jim Brash, who fostered this partnership through a relationship with both organizations. “This partnership brings together 2 beacons of light on the independent left. Hopefully it will lead to other politically independent left media/news sites to share content and build a national network that can help guide movements forward and bring the American Radical Left into a position of strength that could lead to creating a duel power, and eventually ending the reign of the ruling elites.”

“As a Jersey based activist I’m proud that New Jersey Revolution Radio has become a reality. Platforms like these are surely needed in a state like ours which is dominated by a liberal establishment that claims to be for working people, but actions repeatedly says otherwise.”Both Jim and Brian can be heard talking about the upcoming partnership on this podcast and the two new partners can be found at or respectively.

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