NJRR Is Producing a Video Documentary. Watch “A Journey To Me” Trailer

NJRR Productions Documentary Project

With “The Journey to Me” NJRR Productions looks to make a documentary film consisting of a mixture of archival photos, interviews, verité, and re-enactments.

Through the telling of Blake’s story the we explore universal themes of sexuality, religion, love, and self-acceptance. The Fundamental question asked throughout the entirety of the film is the universal question.

“Who Am I?”

The struggle to answer this very question is the primary driving force of this documentary. Our full length version of this film will span Blake’s life from his childhood dealing with sexual confusion and denial to his present reality. Interviews with key subjects in his story will be mingled with his own story telling, such people include his mother, his ex-wife, former friends, and his children.

The goal here is not something salacious looking to exploit on painful memories, but really to share a story of tenacity of love. At one point in the story Blake questions why those he loves never simply gave up on him, when so many others might have.

NJRR Video Productions

NJRR Video Productions Custom Videos to highlight your organization or cause.

NJRR Video Productions

Just as his family always saw the light in him, this final project will also examine light and dark through detailed process and camera techniques. Our commitment to this story is making sure we can produce a film with artistic storytelling. Director Heather Warburton will produce a documentary film that examines how a visual story is told.

New Jersey Revolution Radio Productions

Our independent media team is ready to produce short films, documentaries, and other video clips that promote social justice.

Why? Because corporations control enough. This work is for the people.

Heather Warburton

Heather Warburton

Director, Photographer, and Host of Wine, Women, and Revolution

Heather has over 20 years photography and graphic design experience. With an eye for setting visual tones that tell a story, her expertise brings visions to the world the way they should look.

Brain Powers

Brian Powers

Producer – Senior Organizer

Brian works to bring teamwork, social change, and publicity to our work. His skills come from 20 years of grassroots organizing outside a corporate establishment.

Christian Perez

Christian Perez

Grant Writing and Development

Christian Perez is an adjunct professor of political science from Monmouth County and he regularly lectures on Latin American Politics, History, and Conspiracy Theories.

I want to be a part of Blake’s journey.

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