A Special Panel On Venezuala

Recorded 1/20/2019

The United States has joined with other nations to support a coup in Venezuela. For us to analyse this, we have brought together a panel to cut through the propaganda and offer some real insight.

Joining Diane on the panel are :

The elections were fair

Of course many reports talk about the elections that elected Maduro as not being “legitimate.” However, there is little if any evidence to back up this claim. International observers and journalists from around the world have found those elections to be open and transparent.

This has always been US strategy

The panel discusses the history, the strategy, and the continued imperialist efforts of the United States in Venezuela and around Latin America. Just like in the middle east we overthrow regimes based on our own interests. This foreign policy is a continuing tragedy. Kevin remind is all that “We can do something” by sharing this information, challenging the narrative of neo-liberals and conservatives with the truth.

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