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An International Day Celebrated in New Jersey

On the streets of Newark our reporter Diane Moxley attended a May Day rally with a lot of anger at the imperialism in Venezuela and around the world. Our comrade Bob Witanek gave a great truth to power speech that asks the obvious, “Why are we going to war when we have big problems here?”

We also get updates on #JusticeForJameek, Extinction Rebellion and more from around the state as activists fight for social justice.

#NJRR is committed to making sure our partners struggles get the media they need to fuel a social revolution. Can you help?


Green Party of New Jersey Convention

Theresa Markila and Craig Cayetano join us for a preview of Saturdays Green Party convention. We talk about the grat lineup os social justice speakers as well as the Party Business we will take care of this Saturday in New Brunswick. 

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