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Recorded 4/17/2019

Diane Moxley took off to NYC for Extinction Rebellion events and disruption, so Heather from Wine Women and Revolution get together to discuss the latest and biggest things we are covering on #NJRR.

Jameek Lowery-

Almost 100 days since his murder no answers. Comrade Corey Lewis Teague confronted Gov Murphy in Paterson and did not get the support we would hope from a “progressive” Governor.

Alex Law-

Heather recounts her interview with the young upstart who challenged the Norcross machine in Camden County

Cannabis Forums-

#NJRR is taking this show on the road. We are working to bring an important discussion around the state of NJ! Next one scheduled for May 29 in Edison!

Corey Booker Talks Justice- Activists Demand It, Disrupt Newark Event
China’s Other Tibet
#HandsOffVenezuela Solidarity

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