#NJRR Wednesday Night Live With Charlie Kratovil

Charlie Kratovil is running for mayor of New Brunswick, home to about 56,000  residents and Rutgers University. He has a chance at winning too.

A Grassroots Base vs Dirty Tricks

As a Journalist who helped found New Brunswick Today Charlie has been involved with community issues for years. He has seen those relationships grow into a base of support in that community rivaling that of his well established opponent. The current mayor has had to run a campaign for the first time in years and he is staging events for a $15 and hour minimum wage after Charlie. Charlie also discusses the fallout from flyers with false information left with residents associating him with racist figures.

Despite these obstacles Charlie has faith the the New Brunswick community will not be fooled by cheap and morally reprehensible tactics. He has faith in his community.

Watch The Facebook Live Stream:

Just Days Away

You can still help this independent campaign for an important job! Charlie has asked anyone that can lend him some help to go to charlie4change.com and chip in any time that you can.