People’s Organization For Progress Marches From Montclair To Trenton

Press Release:
The Long March For Justice continues. Please march with us today, Sunday, October 10th, starting 11:00am, at the Union County Courthouse, 2 Broad Street, corner of Broad Street & Rahway Avenue, in Elizabeth., NJ. We will march along Rahway Avenue and St Georges Avenue (Route 27 South) through Roselle, Linden, and into Rahway. We will conclude the march in front of the main entrance of Rahway River Park in Rahway. We will be welcomed by supporters there.
Today is the third leg of THE LONG MARCH FOR JUSTICE: March To Trenton For Police Accountability, Social Justice, And Economic Progress. The march was called by People’s Organization For Progress and has been endorsed by more than twenty organizations. Friday was the first day of the march. It began 11:00am at 2 Church Street, the intersection of Church Street and Bloomfield Avenue, in Montclair, New Jersey. The participants marched approximately 13 miles through five cities which included Montclair, Orange, East Orange, Irvington, and Newark. They were welcomed by Councilman Weldon Montague in Orange, Mayor Ted Green in East Orange, and Mayor Tony Vauss in Irvington. Mayor Green marched with them from East Orange to Irvington. The second day of the march began yesterday morning at City Hall in Newark. The participants marched through Newark and then to Korlesky Park in Hillside where they were welcomed by Hillside Mayor Dahlia Vertreese and local residents. Afterwards marchers left the park and walked to the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth. They were greeted there by Kason Little a local activist. The march ended there for that day.
The march route is approximately 67 miles long and is winding its way through 27 towns and cities. It will take place over 9 days. Lawrence Hamm, Chairman, People’s Organization For Progression will attempt to walk the entire distance, and will cover about 8 to 12 miles per day. The largest portion of the march route proceeds along Route 27 South and Route 206 South.
The march is expected to end 1:00pm, Saturday, October 16th, at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey. The march has been endorsed by Newark Communities For Accountable Policing, Black Lives Matter of NJ, Black Lives Matter Paterson, Atlantic City Chapter of the National Action Network, Trenton Anti-Violence Coalition, Our Revolution of Trenton- Mercer County, New Jersey Chapter of the Poor People’s Campaign, Salvation and Social Justice, Latino Action Network, American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey (ACLU NJ), Showing Up For Racial Justice New Jersey (SURJ -NJ), Northern New Jersey Jewish Voice For Peace, New Jersey Peace Action, Equal Rights and Justice Radio Show (on WBAI Radio 99.5FM), New Brunswick Area Branch NAACP, Block the Boat NY/NJ, Montclair Citizen For Equality and Fair Policing, Irvington Branch NAACP, December 12th Movement, the Ironbound Community Corporation, the Palestinian American Community Center, the Phillip Pannell Foundation, Newark Branch NAACP, Our Revolution New Jersey, and Black Community Watchline. “We are walking from Montclair to Trenton to highlight the issue of police brutality and to demand the NJ Legislature pass legislation to hold police accountable,” stated Hamm. “First and foremost we demand passage of A4656/S2963, the police review boards with subpoena power bill,” Hamm said.
There are other police related initiatives that POP wants to highlight and support during the march. These include a bill to make officer disciplinary records public (S2656); a bill banning and criminalizing chokeholds (S2617); a bill establishing requirements for use of deadly force (A4526/S3825); and a bill ending qualified immunity in New Jersey (A4578/3730). The group is also demanding that Governor Murphy veto a bill that would allow police to view bodycam footage before issuing their reports (S3939). “At the national level we are calling for the passage of HR 1280, the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act,” he said. This bill passed by the House of Representatives would create a nationwide data base for police misconduct; require racial profiling training of officers; create nationwide standards for police use of force; eliminate no knock warrants; ban the use of chokeholds; and eliminate qualified immunity for police. “We are also marching for racial, social and economic justice. We demand that African-Americans receive reparations for slavery in the United States,” Hamm said. POP is demanding the passage of A711/S322 by the NJ Legislature and HR40/S40 by Congress. These bills would create reparations study commissions at the state and national levels. “We are marching against all forms of voter suppression. We demand passage of voting rights legislation including the For The People Act (HR 1) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4),” he said. “Once again we are calling for abolition of the Senate filibuster rule which we believe is the prerequisite to the passage of the voting rights bills,” Hamm said. “We are also marching for economic justice. We demand passage of a $15 federal minimum wage and the passage of the PRO Act to facilitate worker unionization,” he stated.
The march route will proceed through the following towns and cities: Montclair, Orange, East Orange, Irvington, Newark, Hillside, Elizabeth, Roselle, Linden, Rahway, Edison, Metuchen, Iselin, Highland Park, New Brunswick, Somerset, North Brunswick, Franklin Township, Kendall Park, Princeton, Lawrence Township, Ewing, and Trenton. The basic schedule of the march is as follows: Day One: Friday, October 8th Start 11:00am, 2 Church Street (Intersection Church St and Bloomfield Ave) Montclair. March to Orange, East Orange, Irvington, Newark. Rally 4:00pm at Newark City Hall. Day Two: Saturday, October 9th Newark, Hillside, and Elizabeth. Day Three: Sunday, October 10th Elizabeth, Roselle, Linden, Rahway. Day Four: Monday, October 11thRahway, Colonia, Iselin, Metuchen, Edison. Day Five: Tuesday, October 12th Edison, Highland Park, New Brunswick. Day Six: Wednesday, October 13th New Brunswick, Somerset, North Brunswick, Franklin Township, Kendall Park. Day Seven: Thursday, October 14th Kendall Park, Princeton. Day Eight: Friday, October 15thPrinceton, Lawrenceville, Lawrence Township, Ewing. Day Nine: Saturday, October 16th Ewing, Trenton. Finish Line rally 1:00pm in front of State House Annex, 131 West State Street, Trenton, NJ. POP invites those who support the mission and objectives of the march to participate. Each individual can determine for themselves how far they want to walk.
The group is soliciting volunteers and additional organizational co-sponsors for the march. For more information call the People’s Organization For Progress (POP) at (973)801-0001.