1 of 31 Facing Charges For Defending The Earth: Shevone Torres

Newark Clown Hall

This week Brian jumps in a little late after hearing Mayor Baraka’s “Town Hall” about the Newark water crisis. Instead of crediting the residents of Newark in the Newark Water Coalition for their advocacy of the truth, Mayor Baraka instead gave praise to the ICE plantation owner Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo. He thanked charter school pod man Cory Booker, and every Democrat within butt-sniffing distance.

After being left out of the Mayor’s opening pep rally type speech, NWC expressed their dissatisfaction with the statements and spoke out, Challenging the mayor to meet with them saying they sent a letter requesting a meeting over 30 days ago, something the mayor denies knowing about.

Video taken by Chairman Zulu of the New Afrikan Black Panther party shows the protest and the police harassment as protestors left the building.


More murders in Paterson and the family of Jameek Lowery continues to go to city council meetings every Tuesday for support in their struggle for Justice.

Shevone Torres

Shevone is a Black Lives Matter activist with a family history of changing the world for the better. Her recent protest is one of the more daring we have heard of in recent memory. With other Greenpeace activists, she and her comrades helped block access to the Houston Ship Channel, America’s busiest and polluted shipping lanes for the oil industry.

Shevone talks about how she made this personal journey to “show my black face” as one that understands and is willing to fight for climate change. She brings to light the larger issue of needing to end our dependence on fossil fuels by talking about the local issues of poisoned water and food supplies that disproportionally affect black and brown communities.

The heroics shown during the bridge shutdown came with a heavy price. Protestors were subject to dangerous conditions while in custody. Today 36 people, some of whom had no involvement face federal and state charges.

Extinction Rebellion

A week of climate revolution has begun and Diane Moxley is covering nearby actions helping to bring awareness to the urgency of this issue. Check out our Facebook Page Videos for whats going on.

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