The Idavox Report: A call to fight white supremacy after the Inauguration

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Hello everybody, and thank you for joining us for tonight’s Idavox Report! If you’re wondering why you did not see this stream go up on Facebook Live, it is because we here at Revolution Radio have been Zucked! Following the events in DC earlier this month, Facebook has been censoring many activists and activist organizations. Nevertheless, we refuse to stop spreading our message in what ways we can. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Revolution Radio updates. In the coming weeks, we will be following the situation regarding immigration and incarceration in Northern New Jersey. We must not let this topic lose public attention; terrible things are still happening inside of those walls.

The Revolution Radio network is honored to welcome once again Daryle Lamont-Jenkins to the show tonight. Daryle is a long-time comrade and activist who has been working for 30 years to weed out and identify white supremacists. Daryle is also a journalist and an award-winning producer. His work is so incredibly important because white supremacy is even more insidious in the dark. Identifying these sick individuals is the first step to bringing them to justice.

January 20 Idavox Special Report With Daryle Lamont-Jenkins and Brian Powers

Idavox Staying Busy

In wake of the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, Daryle’s organization, Idavox, has been working tirelessly to identify the dangerous individuals involved. Brian asks about the types of violent right wing group members that are being identified after the attack. Daryle and Brian both initially suspected that a majority of those identified would be Proud Boys, especially after Donald Trump called them out by name in a 2020 Presidential Debate. However, although many Proud Boys from the attack have been tracked down, the largest portion of those who have been identified are actually supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory. 

Brian asks how QAnon was able to organize such a large-scale and violent attack as an assault on the  capital. Daryle reveals that many conservatives and white ring groups have already generated lots of money. They pump their money into their activism and recruiting members. 

Workplace Concerns

Hopefully, in such a scenario, one could work together with their coworkers to build a case to submit to the organization’s HR department. If one cannot find such coworkers, they should turn to their family. If that won’t work, it would be advisable to branch out and seek help from fellow activists in the community. Idavox, advises Daryle, is a great place to turn.

Daryle visited the Capitol on Inauguration Day in order to scope out the scene and stay informed. There weren’t many people being allowed in, nor were there many people at all, due to pandemic restrictions. Things were relatively calm and uneventful. On one hand, it is good that no Nazi thugs decided to make a scene on what is meant to be a peaceful day. 

On the other hand, Daryle and Brian lament just how particularly bland the coverage of this administration’s implementation has been. TV news covers American politics as if everything has gone back to normal now that Biden’s back in office. The false narrative that corporate media is trying to push is that America has nothing to fear now that the big bad orange man is gone. The mainstream media is actively creating a new host of problems by neglecting to report on our old ones. It falls into the hands of activists, organizers, and independent media to keep relevant political information on the front page.

Action On The Ground

To anyone wondering how they can help, we have a simple suggestion. Revolution Radio is a prime example of the type of independent media that we as a nation so desperately need right now. However, we need donations in order to keep giving you content. We want to get bigger and better, so feel free to channel your generosity on our donations page!

Brian brings up the fact that QAnon and other fired up Trump supporters in the workplace may be a concern and we should try to address that. Now that we see the violence of which this group is capable, it is easy to understand that some may be fearful or uncomfortable to discover that their coworkers identify within it. Daryle advises that in such an event, the individual who is feeling threatened might seek out fellow employees who feel similarly.

Under The Rug

Trump was a symptom, but he was not the problem. We need to continue to fight. We must be aware that even when Republicans are technically not the ones in the White House, they are still the establishment. They fight to protect tradition because traditions have a price tag. Conservatism continually brings revenue to corrupt causes.

Daryle emphasizes that what will happen in the coming months and years depends on the actions of us people at the grassroots rather than those of politicians. Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police are not campaign slogans, they are movements that are still very much alive. Biden and Harris engage in sweeping rhetoric similar to that of their predecessor, Barack Obama. Much like with Obama, this does not mean there will be change by any means. Rhetoric will not pay the bills, feed the poor, or free the wrongly incarcerated. Action by the people will. 

Daryle mentions that Idavox/One People’s Project is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that your donations will be tax-exempt. Do with that information what you will.

Stay Updated

Idavox is the newsline for One People’s Project and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or their website. One People’s Project can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Daryle himself is on Facebook and Twitter. The One People’s Project also accepts donations through Daryle’s Cash App account, $NotoriousDLJ. 

Idavox and Daryle are involved in Revolution Radio’s editorial board! Visit our signup page to learn more about the perks of being a member. We are going to be doing great things in 2021! Solidarity, everybody, and until next time, stay safe. 

-Leah Giannantonio, for Revolution Radio

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