A Discussion on The Afghanistan Papers

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Before the dreadful details  of The Afghanistan Papers, we wrap up another year full of disasters on a national level distracting the public. At home, activists in New Jersey scored some major points on 2 fronts. Comrades around the state and country with Cosecha are celebrating the legislation that gives all residents of our state the right to have drivers licenses.

The Afghanistan Papers

This will help insurance rates for all of us and put a major hurdle in the way of ICE. The terrorists can no longer kidnap people and tear up families after a traffic stop puts them in police custody. Brian and Diane discuss how FTP has evolved from a rap song into political influence.

Then we are joined by Madelyn Hoffman and Wahid Omar to discuss the major revelations in the Afghanistan Papers. They group also discusses options and philosophy when it comes to ending an unjust war “responsibly”.

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Weed on the ballot.

In a pretty shocking and sudden event. Weed is going to be on the ballot in 2020! The start of ACR840 Reads as follows

“The growth, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, preparing, packaging, transferring, and retail purchasing and consumption of cannabis, or products created from or which include cannabis, by persons 21 years of age or older, and not by persons under 21 years of age, shall be lawful and subject to regulation by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission created by P.L.2019, c.153 (C.24:6I-5.1 et al.), or any successor to that commission.”

In a very short time Sativa Cross and Cannabis Activists around the state have went from arguing over home grow and medical access to reading a constitutional amendment for next year.

Weed Women and Wellness

A discussion about women’s health and opportunity in the cannabis business. Join us January 26 at The Cherry Hill Women’s  Center.

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