A Global Recap of 2021 With Margaret Kimberley

Thank you for tuning into Revolution Radio. We have a great guest to end the year with. Today, lets  go around the world with Margaret Kimberly from The Black Agenda Report. Margaret talks about her a good friend, her Comrade, Glenn Ford’s new book, “The Black Agenda.” But also we talk about China, Nicaragua. A little bit of Cuba gets thrown in there. Margaret is a great voice for the left. I know that her audience with The Black Agenda Report, of course, is the Black Left, but it doesn’t matter who you are listening to. Her reading The Black Agenda Report. It’s some of the best reporting on the planet. So I’ve always appreciated when Margaret on she’s on Revolution Radio a few times a year, and I always look forward to it because it’s having a friend on to talk a little bit about politics and what’s going on in our world. And it’s somebody whom I know I respect greatly and I know many, many people around the world respect she visited Nicaragua recently.  I wanted to also take a few minutes before we get into Margaret Kimberly to thank our editorial board and everybody who supported Revolution Radio over 2021.

It was a transformative year for the company. We went from being New Jersey based Revolution Radio. New Jersey Revolution Radio is what we started out as to Revolution Radio. We took on the IDAVOX Report and did over 30 episodes with Daryl Lamont Jenkins. We reported on numerous events and stories, starting with January 6, when we went live during the Capital riots with Lark Lo and talked about what was going on as it was going on. And you can see that back on our Facebook page. We went live on all our streams, so it started off with a bang and 2021 is closing out as a year of a lot of lessons and a lot of learning and a lot of growth. So thanks to everybody who’s been a part of that for 2021, I wish all of you and your family and your loved ones, whoever’s around you a very happy and healthy New Year. I hope you enjoy holidays if you’re celebrating them and I can’t wait to see you again next year. We’ll be back usually take a few weeks off for the holidays, so we probably won’t be back until later in January. But we will be back. We will have new content.

We will have new features as we continue to grow this grassroots independent media company. I’m very happy with where we’re at as a company, but you always want to be bigger and better.

We could always use more views, more shares, more likes, more follows. And that’s where you our audience comes in at so please, before we get into this phenomenal interview and close out our year, take a few minutes and share us out on your social medias. Let people know about Revolution Radio. Let them know that there’s another voice out there, and it’s not just one person with a podcast. This isn’t Christian’s Podcasting company or Brian’s Podcasting Company. This is a company that is run by grassroots activists through our editorial board. You can learn more about that on our website, www.njrevolutionradio.com. See all of our podcasts. Check us out.

There’s some blogs and there’s all kinds of wonderful stuff. Other than that, this is Brian Powers, and I want to remind everybody that the police can quit their jobs if they want to. I don’t say that tagline too much anymore, but I figured I’d throw it in one last time for 2021. We’ll see you next year. Enjoy the interview with Margaret Kimberly and Christian Perez on Revolution Radio. Peace. -BP

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