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An Interview With Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins

An Interview With Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins
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New Jersey Revolution Radio Welcomes Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins!

Welcome, one and all, to this exciting episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution! We’re coming at you from New Jersey Revolution Radio, New Jersey’s one and only socialist podcast. As you know, we are a proudly anti-capitalist podcast and we care deeply about activism. Thank you for visiting our website!

Today, we welcome a very special guest to the show. We are excited to have the chance to interview Howie Hawkins, a Green Party candidate who is running for the office of President of The United States against the rapist in the blue hat and the rapist in the red hat. Howie used to be a retired teamster, but activists and progressive groups from around the country, such as Bruce Dixon, offered support and encouragement for Howie to run for President. 

Left Unity

Howie runs on a platform of left unity. There is an old joke: four leftists walk into a bar, and they come out in five different factions. Howie is trying to bring together non-sectarian independent left parties, such as the Green Party and the Socialist party. By doing this, he hopes to create increased political engagement and voting. The political left is notoriously difficult to organize, and Howie was well aware of that challenge going into his campaign, but his mission stands.

Campaigning As A Third Party Candidate

If Howie Hawkins gets five percent of the vote in this general election, it would mean that his party would qualify for funding in the general election 2024. The amount of funding is 100 million dollars. Most modern political campaigns do not take this money, however, because it is easier for them to make more money from the rich and through accepting money from major corporations. It would be a huge stride for the Green Party for Howie to achieve this five percent milestone for the first time and secure those funds.

Another crucial aspect of this campaign that involves numbers is ballot lines. It’s far easier to win with a ballot line than not: petitioning requirements are much less. In order to have one’s name on the ballot, one must have a certain percentage of the general vote. In most states, it’s around two to five percent, but a few states, such as Alabama at 20 percent, have higher rates that are necessary to qualify. Going into the 2020 election, the Green Party had 21 ballots, and now it is at 25. Howie hopes to grow this number. In the wake of difficulties brought on by the Coronavirus, Howie’s campaign has contacted several states asking for relief.

Howie’s Campaign

Healthcare is an issue that should be on everyone’s mind right now. Howie Hawkins’ campaign proposes Medicare For All – but it goes beyond that. Right now, some Democrats are pushing a single-payer healthcare system, but their system leaves private delivery in place. This allows for private hospitals and doctors to continue practices that maximize profits and waste much-needed resources by intentionally running lean. Howie’s plan is to have a fully Democratic healthcare system with locally elected boards to run it. 

Through Howie’s healthcare plan, over a ten year period, all private hospitals will be phased into the public sector. Howie wants safety to be something that people do not need to pay for, not something to seek a profit from. Howie notes that public preferences, as it stands, do not get translated into public policy, because our government has been firmly purchased by special interests such as industry lobbyists.

Green New Deal: Stolen Brand, Stripped Content

The Green New Deal has always been a pillar of Howie Hawkins’ campaign. He calls his plan the Ecosocialist Green New Deal. The Green New Deal that is being proposed by Democrats right now is far from ambitious enough. It is a watered-down version of what our planet actually needs to survive. It does not sufficiently challenge the toxic system that is in place.

Howie’s plan is far more practical for actually slowing climate change. Instead of allowing corporations and manufacturers to use up the planet’s resources to maximize profits and then carelessly dump harmful byproducts into the environment, we need to mandate healthier practices. Recycling the byproducts of production is crucial to saving the Earth. By 2030, science says we need to be operating on zero greenhouse gas emissions. The budget for this plan is 27 billion dollars over 3 years.


Howie Hawkins supports reparations. We need to have a conversation, particularly with the Black community, regarding what their needs are. For example, would collective reparations or individual reparations be more appropriate? These issues need to be discussed with the people that the money would be going to. In a capitalist system where people of color are systematically oppressed, we need to be especially strategic in instituting any program like this.

370 treaties with indigenous people have been violated by our country. This is absolutely unacceptable. The federal government needs to do what it can to make things right and begin to repair our relationship with these people. Again, to best approach this, we need to start a discussion with these peoples on the best ways for the federal government to approach making it right.


Howie recognizes that charter schools are a scam that exist not to educate children, but to collect money. He knows that any proposed “special innovations” that these schools claim to be making can also be applied to the public school system. Schools should be paid for through taxes. 

Our country has a school segregation problem. Our schools today are segregated by social class, which creates an environment of hostility within districts towards people of differentiating social rank. Howie wants to create a program that mixes children of different socioeconomic status into the same schools. Racial distribution would also naturally be accomplished through this program.

Find Out More

If Howie’s campaign has struck a chord with you in any way, Howie encourages you to visit the campaign website: On this website, people can find out more about what Howie stands for, find ways to get involved, or make a donation to the campaign. If Howie’s campaign for the primary makes 5,000 dollars in 20 states, with contributions of under 250 dollars each, the federal government will match every cent. The campaign is getting closer to this substantial goal every day.

Here at Wine, Women, and Revolution, we do not usually do this kind of thing, but we offer Howie Hawkins our endorsement for the office of President of the United States. Howie is an intelligent, educated, and thoughtful man who creates policy based on profound reflection on the needs of the American people. That is what America needs in a President right now.

As Always, Thank you!

To our readers and listeners, thank you so much for being here and meeting Howie Hawkins with us. We appreciate you more than you can know. Mainstream media do not cover many activist issues, so we do it because it is incredibly important. We are here to be a voice for the underserved and underrepresented. Huge corporations like Amazon are certainly not lining up to give us their money, but if they were, we would not take it. We depend solely on donations from people like you, so we appreciate anything you can give, no matter how small the amount.

The future is yours to create: go out there and create it!

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