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An Interview With The Audible Anarchists

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New Jersey Revolutionary Radio Welcomes Reddebrek of the Audible Anarchists!

Greetings, wonderful readers, and welcome to this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution! We’re coming at you from New Jersey Revolutionary Radio, New Jersey’s one and only socialist podcast. Today we have a very interesting guest that Heather recently discovered online. Since finding the Audible Anarchist Youtube channel, Heather has been enjoying their podcasts and admiring their dedication to reading and recording great anarchist writings. 

Although it is well known that we are a socialist podcast (with communist leanings), Heather has some good friends that are anarchists and she also sympathizes with some key elements of anarchism. It is NJRR’s pleasure to welcome Reddebrek to the podcast!

About Reddebrek

Reddebrek has been involved in the Audible Anarchism project for nearly two years. He was not one of the original people who conceived this project. Rather, he saw what they were doing and he sent the creators an email to see how he could get involved. Initially, he mostly volunteered to do readings. However, now, he has gotten more involved in the production side of things. He is a self-proclaimed anarchist/libertarian-socialist and has been for years. 

Reddebrek lives in the UK, where he follows the activism of anti-fascist groups in the wake of the global shift towards fascism. He was initially a member of the labor party, which was more of a traditional British communist group. However, his experiences during demonstrations and events lead him to start learning about and being exposed to more alternative left-wing groups. An example of one of these groups is the labor union IWW (Industrial Workers of the World.) 

Learn More

If one wants to start learning more about anarchism, Reddebrek has recommendations about where to begin. The writings that appealed most to Reddebrek personally were the more syndicalist works, such as the works of Rudolph Walker. It is also enlightening to read about the history of the IWW and how they were organized based on anarchist principles. 

The Solidarity Federation, which is an anarcho-syndicalist union group based in the UK, put out a document called Fighting for Ourselves a few years ago. Reddebreak describes this piece as a modern take on syndicalism. In fact, the introduction to Fighting for Ourselves is out to listen to on the Audible Anarchists podcast. The rest will be following soon.

The Audible Anarchists 

As of now, Reddebrek estimates that there are about 80 to 100 uploads up on the Audible Anarchist website. This includes readings of short essays as well as longer works. Goals for the project include finishing the Fighting for Ourselves and reading and addressing the Anarchist FAQs. The Anarchist FAQs is a PDF of over 2000 pages. Ideas for the readings are typically suggested either through email or through the Audible Anarchist Discord server. Processing of the audio content, when necessary, is often handled by dedicated volunteers. 

The main goal of the project is to get stuff out there. The Audible Anarchists strive to provide accessible education to anyone who wants to learn. However, as Heather and Reddebrek know, producing podcasts comes with its fair share of challenges. Reddebrek finds that even while reading shorter pieces, he usually ends up recording for a much longer time than he thought. This can be easily double or even triple time, he reports. 

The Audible Anarchists get their fair share of hecklers. For example, for a while, there was one commenter that Reddebrek refers to as a “pro-capitalist troll-like fellow” who left nasty remarks and/or capitalist propaganda under every upload. According to website analytics, this had the effect of actually driving up traffic to the site. This was between the heckler themself visiting time and time again and then those who created a discussion by responding to his comments.

Get Involved

Besides Youtube, there are other ways to access Audible Anarchist content. They also have a podcast platform that they developed more recently, called Audible Anarchism. There is also a Soundcloud and even an internet archive, which exists largely just in case there is trouble with Youtube, censorship, and/or copyright. The Anarchists also have a Tumblr and a Twitter.

For people looking to get involved in the project, the best way to do so is to email them at That is actually how Heather reached out to the Anarchists: “they’re fairly responsive!” It is also possible, as previously mentioned, to contact the group through their Discord server. 

Growing Momentum

The Audible Anarchist movement has growing momentum. Its listeners are becoming more and more diverse. The Youtube Channel is called Audible Anarchist and the podcast is Audible Anarchism (with an M at the end). Look for the red circle A with headphones. 

We at New Jersey Revolutionary Radio appreciate the solidarity, efforts, and effectiveness of revolutionary work done by groups like the Audible Anarchists. Hopefully, the number of people that are reached will continue to increase and folks will be mobilized by the powerful messages of their content. We are also incredibly grateful to Reddebrek for dedicating the time to come join us on the podcast. 

As Always, Thank You!

To our readers and listeners, thank you so much for being here. We appreciate you more than you can know. Unfortunately, mainstream media do not cover many activist issues. That’s where we come in. We are here to be a voice for the activist community. We don’t take exorbitant payments from corporations to deliver controlled messages to you. Our message is the truth and we depend only on donations from people like you, so we appreciate anything you can give — no matter how small the amount. The future is yours to create! Go out there and create it!

-Leah Giannantonio, for New Jersey Revolution Radio

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