Art Power with Quinton Green

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather sits down with artist Quinton Green to talk about his artwork and how artwork can heal the world.

Heather and Quinton Green ,surrounded by his art

Beauty from Tragedy

Quinton Green found his way to art later in life. As a child growing up in North Carolina he gravitated to music and dance. He found his way to canvas art around 1999. As a young man, Quinton joined the military. His experiences there left him suffering with PTSD and searching for an outlet to express himself. While seeking help from the VA, Mr Green discovered art as therapy.

From Self Taught to Mr. Prolific

Quinton never attended formal art school. Instead, he taught himself how to paint. His work has been a journey. In the past 20 years, Quinton has created over 250 pieces, earning him the nickname “Mr. Prolific”. Although, he didn’t like his creations at first, he has grown to appreciate his talent. Mr. Green almost gave up on painting until he saw his artwork framed. Now, his work hangs everywhere from the African Museum of Art, to the Noyes Museum, to the Brigantine Artwalk.

Painting of a mask by Quinton Green
Colors of his culture

Quinton’s uses the bold colors of African and the Caribbean to shape his artwork. He feels the voices of his ancestors flowing through him into his work. His bright personality always shines through. He cites Egyptian art as an inspiration for his mask painting. Mr. Green doesn’t like to talk about his art and prefers to let others talk about it for him. He locks himself in his studio and blocks the world out while he creates. Thousands of years of history flow into his creations.

Mixed media piece by Quinton Green
Healing and Joy

Quinton seeks to inspire joy and feelings of completion in others. He honors his history and his inner self in every piece he makes. Just as art has healed him, he uses his art to heal others. Because of his focus on healing, his artwork is showcased in the VA clinic in Gloucester Township as well as the Einstein medical group. He doesn’t focus politics or negativity with his art. His mission is bringing positivity.

Owl by Quinton Green

Prospective buyers looking to purchase Quinton’s work will have a chance on April 14th at 3pm at the Winslow Family Diner. Mr. Green is hosting a private show and 70s/80s party where he will be showcasing his work.


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