BLM and the Trenton Women’s March

By now everyone has heard about how the women’s march is problematic. Women of color came forth after the original march, and told us how they felt excluded. Problems range from the pink hats that don’t match any body parts on a black or brown woman to the lack of women of color in positions of power. They told other women how this march was not a safe space for them.

2019 was the year things were suppose to be different. Some marches finally attempted to embrace woman of all colors and form something new and better. When the women of Black Lives Matter were contacted by the Trenton march they were hopeful that things were taking a new turn. Sadly that was not the case and these women were exploited, tokenized, and tone policed until they felt they could no longer participate in this march. They withdrew their support.

These four women tell their stories to Heather as a vehicle for people to finally hear them when they say this march is not inclusive or intersectional. This is still very much a white women’s march and that needs to change.

The email addresses mentioned in the show are: is the email for folks looking to volunteer time, donate resources and services. is for all official business, chapter inquiry, allyship inquiry and general BLM inquiries.

To hear more from the women of Black Lives Matter listen here.

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