Cayetano Paints Hawthorne Green

Cayetano Paints Hawthorne Green
#NJRR Live with Brian Powers

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Toms River Has a Racism Problem

Board member Daniel Leonard made public Islamophobic comments about members of congress, and residents of Toms River spoke out against him last month, calling for his resignation.

In addition to hate speech, he has posted images on his “Team Leonard” Facebook page of community members and activists, including NJRR Senior Organizer, Brian Powers, as a means of threat and intimidation.

The community has a racism problem. Toms River deserves better than this. New Jersey deserves better than this.

Brian spoke up before the public comments section, calling out Leonard and his supporters on their racism and online threats to members of the community.  He was ordered out of the meeting by the BOE President and was not allowed to return for the public portion of the meeting.

Please come out against hate in Toms River.

Posted by New Jersey Revolution Radio on Monday, September 23, 2019

After a discussion with the police, he left the building, but Brian will be back next month to continue this fight.

Late Addition. The same town council has a resolution supporting ICE on the agenda for Tuesday, September 24 See our facebook event 

Craig Cayetano- Green Candidate for Hawthorne Town Council, Ward 3

Craig has been a resident of Hawthorne for over 15 years, and is taking on the corporate two-party system with his grassroots platform.

He attends council meetings, reaches out to his community, and partners with the small businesses of Hawthorne, strengthening the town from the ground up.

On a local level, Craig would like to see more bike trails connecting the wards to the business district, where he hopes to have charging stations installed.  This will bring more people to the business district while pushing for Green infrastructure. He would like to see more solar panels, a more efficient garbage collection service, and long-awaited school renovations.

An incumbent town council member won the election with just over 500 votes.  With 1300 unaffiliated voters in the district, Craig has a good shot of winning half of those votes.

Craig and his team will be out canvassing and holding voter registration drives.  Check out his website and social media for events. You can also make a donation.  As a Green, Craig accepts no corporate or PAC money.


The family is considering their legal options after an incomplete coroner’s report.  They will continue to go to weekly city council meetings.

Extinction Rebellion

There will be a Global Day of Action on Monday, October 7.

In New Jersey, they are continuing to build their close community group for additional meaningful actions.  Since the VMAs action, there has been a rise in response to the Newark water crisis.

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