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Another protest took place at the Elizabeth concentration camp run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Brian recaps his experience at the protest and Diane discusses the messaging around police in these times.


Activist Corey Lewis Teague put out the following statement on Facebook.

Dear, FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation, it was brought to our attention that the Passaic County prosecutor, Camilla Valdez wrote up a letter to the courts stating that Ree Mc Fadden, Jameek’s brother, was a danger to society and shouldn’t be released from city lockup. Local and county law enforcement has went above and beyond to ANTAGONIZE, HARASS, INTIMIDATE, BULLY and TERRORIZE this family ever since the death of Jameek Lowery, who was killed after coming in contact with Paterson police, went viral to the public and the media. We want to make it clear that we are aware. Nothing better happen to Mr. McFadden while in lockup. We are putting you on notice and all media outlets.

Extinction Rebellion

Climate change continues to accelerate and so does the cause trying to stop it. The planet is in crisis and Diane discusses all the militant and critical tactics that are being used to bring attention to this cause. Diane was recently arrested with a group of 70 protesters in NYC. The actions taking place are growing, tune in to find out more and how you can get involved.

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Left Forum

Everything from the Democratic front groups to communists of every stripe. The group recalls touching tributes to our fallen comrade Bruce Dixon, the millions of panels stuffed on top of each other, and a book fair in a wind tunnel.


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2 comments on “Connecting at The Left Forum.

  1. Random listener says:

    Sorry, how are Democrats profiting from the camps? How have Dems been as terrible in foreign policy toward Latin America as Republicans? Just asserting that isn’t educating your audience, I’d like to see those claims backed up with some examples please.

    1. Random listener says:

      That said, I LOVED the NBPP speaker clip. Reactionary people so often say “why don’t Latin Americans improve their own countries instead of coming here?” As that speaker articulated, people have tried valiantly to do so – but the 1% in the US backed military interventions to quash those efforts, leaving us all where we are today.

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