Conspiracy Theory 101 With Christian Perez: The Epstein File

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Epstein’s suicide- “The Perfect Storm”

Christian Perez joins us once again for his analysis of the latest conspiracy theories around this bizarre story. Jeffery Epstein was undoubtedly wealthy and powerful. His connections defended him and aided him in his wrongdoings.

There was screaming heard coming from his cell. Unqualified and overworked guards were left to watch Epstein. This brings about several theories and conspiracies. Fingers are being pointed at both the Clintons and the Trump administration, and the mainstream media is in a frenzy.

Is Epstein’s death posing as a distraction from what is happening in our country? We have the climate crisis and immigration. There is also the undeniable fact that the FBI investigates movements like Black Lives Matter instead of white supremacy groups.

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