Corruption, Cronyism, And Why You Should Run Outside The Duopoly

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather in joined in the studio by Dr Steve Fenichel. Steve is running as an independent candidate for Congress in CD-2 in NJ. He reveals an exciting endorsement he received from NJ Weedman. Steve talks about why he decided to run independent in the first place. He pulls no punches in talking about his opponents Van Drew and Grossman, as well as criticizing the South Jersey Dem / Norcross machine. He explains aspects of his platform and why he is such a passionate supporter of Single Payer Medicare for all.

Disclaimer: Heather is the campaign manager for Dr Fenichel.

Steve Fenichel’s Platform


Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform:

This is the key to restoring democracy. Wealthy individuals, corporations and even some unions co-opt the political process by their campaign contributions. Though this would be difficult to prevent thanks to terrible Supreme Court decisions equating money to free speech there is a clear role for  dedicated Congress people.
A) Fighting to insure adequate funding for any candidate who qualifies
B) putting “Clean Money Candidate” on the ballot next to the name of any qualified candidate.
Both these actions are worth fighting for.

“I will not be accepting any corporate money in my campaign nor will I be receiving support from the South Jersey Party Bosses.”


Medicare For All ( Single Payer):

As a member of Physicians For a National Health Program there is no other sustainable solution for America’s dysfunctional health Care “system”.


Fossil Fuels:

Ending America’s Fossil fuel addiction by a huge commitment to an all renewable energy future.
According to the climate scientists at Stanford University this can be accomplished by 2030.


Ending the Drug War:

The drug war is in reality  a War Against poor people.
The Marijuana Prohibition has been the lynchpin for America’s mass incarceration.
I believe all prohibitions of illegal substances are wrong.
Illicit cocaine and heroin result in death with these are too pure or too impure. Highlights the need to control, regulate and tax these products in order to protect users.


National Priorities:

Ending the Electoral College’s role in Presidential elections

Protecting Independent Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller from firing by Mr. Trump.

State of NJ Priorities:

Promote concept of a living wage including an immediate $15/hour minimum wage with no carveouts.

Work to fulfill Governor Murphy’s campaign promise to make NJ a Sanctuary State.

Repeal NJ’s anti-BDS legislation and pass new legislation to support BDS.

Full Funding for Reproductive Rights and education.

Full funding for public education, including  abolishing of charter schools and shift to education from a progressive income tax. Forgiving all student loans at predatory rates. FULL Funding of tuition at community colleges.

Increase in transportation funding with commitment to improve transportation infrastructure.

Create community review boards and appoint  independent prosecutors not beholden to politicians.

Women’s Rights

The right to bodily integrity and autonomy

To be free from sexual violence and harassment

To vote, hold office, enter into legal contracts, equal rights in family law

To work with fair wages and equal pay as male coworkers

Reproductive rights


LGBTqia Rights:

Protect and defend the rights of all the people included in the acronym above to be able to live openly without discrimination and enjoy equal rights, personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association.


Gun control:

There are only 2 countries in a 2011 survey of 28 countries over 5 continents that view owning a firearm as a right of civilians and not a privilege- the USA and Yemen. With the daily toll of gun deaths in America at 96/day this crisis must be addressed. There is no justification for civilians to be allowed possession of high power assault weapons. There is a desperate need that applicants wishing to own a firearm be carefully screened to prevent a mentally disturbed be allowed the privilege of owning a weapon.

Also there needs to be strong Federal legislation that gives consistency in enforcing these safeguards. Presently weapons can be obtained in a state that is more permissive regarding regulations and then be transported across state lines causing more gun victims.


Immigration Rights:

Undocumented immigrants living and possibly working in the USA have rights under our Constitution despite their unlawful immigration status. Aspects of the Constitution that address basic human rights apply to everyone including the undocumented.

The Fourteenth Amendment states “NO state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Various criminal charge related amendments to the Constitution (1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th) must be relentlessly defended. These protect undocumented immigrants against unlawful search and seizure by law enforcement authorities (without probable cause and a warrant for such action) and against self-incrimination.

Abolish ICE

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