Daryle Lamont Jenkins From One People’s Project With Diane Moxley

This week Daryle Lamont Jenkins joins Diane Moxley for our weekly featured livstream to talk about his 20 years of Anti-Racist work and the new movie “Alt Right: Age of Rage”.  New Jersey Revolution radio has partnered with One People’s Project for a special screening and Q&A of this movie with Daryle in New Brunswick this Saturday. 

Daryl talks about how One People’s Project took shape from directly confronting white supremacist gatherings in North Jersey. A younger Daryle found himself wondering what happened to the racists who fought against the civil rights movements of the 60’s. His study into white supremacists led him to compile a huge database of racist activists and their activities.

As he collected this data and watched media appearances of Nazis, Fascists, and various boneheads around the country he learned about the movement. “You gotta know what to look for”, Daryle says. The white power and other forms of hate movements have “code” and various forms of communications that are used to show solidarity with other idiots. Thanks to One People’s Project we can all get a better understanding of what hate is and why we need to fight it.

Daryle provides us all with the information and the example we need to show how we need to act as a community to stop racists from organizing. We still have activity in this state that needs to be addressed. Identity Evropa, a white supremacist organization has been flyering in New Brunswick, and this has to be addressed.

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