Environmental Struggles in Newark and New Egypt

Thank you for listening to New Jersey Revolution Radio.  Tonight, Diane Moxley is live with Anthony Diaz from AMP and Newark Water Coalition and Agnes Marsala from People over Pipelines.


Jameek Lowery was killed 223 days ago.  Please visit his Facebook page or our site for more info on how to demand justice.

Extinction Rebellion New Jersey

Interest is growing in  Extinction Rebellion in New Jersey. On Sunday, Aug 11 at  6pm at the Unitarian Church in East Brunswick. Please follow the Facebook event page.  Stay tuned for an important announcement!

Green Party of New Jersey

Immigrant rights group, Wind of the Spirit will conduct a “Know Your Rights” training on Sunday August 11. Check out the New Jersey Green Party Facebook page.

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Anthony Diaz with Newark Water Coalition and AMP

Today-local activists participated in a “Pack the Council Chambers”.  There was a City Council ordinance to remove the public advertising requirement of all executive orders of the mayor.

Part of the Democrat Party machine, the mayor fell in line with actions of  lack of transparency. This created community push back. This ordinance hinders progress.

The City ammended the ordinance to include sharing of information on the City website. However, with a history of insufficient reporting, this seems like an empty gesture.

Newark Water Coalition presents facts, and is calling him out.

Watch on Youtube!

Newark’s Water

The last lead measurement was 57 per billion , while the national levels average 15 parts per billion. Flint, Michigan has a level of 24.

Officials continue to deny that there is a problem. They give too few water filters out to the public and hired a marketing firm to create bogus PSAs stating that the water is safe. Newark Water Coalition has stepped up and are distributing additional filters, educating the public, and participating in direct action.

Agnes Marsala, President of People Over Pipelines

People Over Pipelines was founded in 2015, when residents of Chesterfield heard of a compressor station going up.

On September 16, there will be a  march from Bordentown to Trenton. This is in response to the governor releasing  an Energy Master Plan (EMP). With only a brief mention of methane gas, his plan of zero carbon emissions by 2050 does not address fossil fuels.

There was an SRL pipeline protest today with construction started in Ocean County, despite it  still being in the courts. These permits are being challenged by several environmental groups including the Sierra Club.

Gas fracking is supposed to bring new jobs to New Jersey.  People Over Pipelines discovered that the workers out there now are from California.  In addition, New Jersey residents are not benefitting, as the energy will be going elsewhere.

There are issues of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in Burlington county. This practice is to get around wetlands, farm lands, and sensitive areas. This is detrimental to ecosystems, contrary to what officials state about its safety.  In addition, pipes are being laid closer than the required 100 feet distance from establishments. Please visit the People Over Pipelines Facebook page for information and direct action events.

Check out the inspiring activists that came to City Hall in Newark to make their voices heard!

Newark Activist Debra Salters
Newark Activist Tanisha Garner
Newark Activist Chairman Shaka Zulu of The New Afrikan Black Panther Party

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