The Idavox Report February 9, 2021: From Portland to My Pillow

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Welcome to another episode of the Idavox Report on Revolution Radio! Thank you for tuning in this week. Revolution Radio is a grassroots network meant to bring platforms to activists fighting for social change. Every Tuesday at 8PM EST Live, we are teaming up tonight with Daryle Lamont-Jenkins, long-time comrade and founder of One People’s Project, to bring you The Idavox Report. Also on our panel tonight are #NJRR Live hosts Brian Powers and Christian Perez.

Déjà Coup

Law enforcement didn’t want to do anything until the far right was knocking on their door. Although this is frustrating, we are also simply grateful that people are finally getting held accountable for their hateful actions. Right-wing clown ringleader and disgraced ex-President Donald Trump is scrambling to prepare for his impeachment trial but he is having trouble finding legal representation. No one wants to be associated with Trump, whether it be because of embarrassment, morality, or simply the fact that Trump routinely double-crosses those with whom he is involved politically.

Although fascism is now being addressed in one instance on a very corporate level in the country’s highest courts, that doesn’t mean it won’t still be a threat in our everyday life. We will need to continue to fight fascism on the streets and confront it in our everyday lives. Even if Trump gets busted, fascism and corruption will still exist in social structures everywhere, from federal to local issues. Here with more information on the local end of fighting fascism is tonight’s guest Co-Host.

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Luis Enrique-Marquez Joins Us from Portland

Tonight it is our honor to welcome Luis Enrique-Marquez as Co-Host. Luis is a long-time friend of Daryle’s. He is an activist, author of “Activation of a Modern Day Antifascist” and cohost of This Podcast Has Been Declared A Riot. He has spent much of his life fighting on the ground in Portland, Oregon. Portland, in many respects, is ground zero for much of activism in America. Luis testifies that this goes back for generations. Our ancestors before us helped transform Portland from the racist hellhole it used to be to the liberal hellhole it is today. Antifascism is a tradition that goes back over 100 years and exists throughout the world. Without the work that has been done already, there is no way we would still be where we are. 

Reality in Portland

In Portland, racist hate crimes have been leading to loss of life for quite some time. Militant activists rose up in response and have been working to reclaim the land for years. There are also labor issues that arise in Portland. Unions have come together to get fair wages, for example, from Burgerville. Luis reports that there is a sense of solidarity in Portland; there is a common goal of ending the oppression of people.

Unfortunately, Luis reports that most of the local media in Portland tends to lean conservative, and any departure from that is either moderate or liberal. The left desperately needs a louder journalistic voice in Oregon. As time goes on, Daryle fears, and January 6th disappears further into our rearview mirror, the media’s criticism may turn to the left. In such a turn of events, the role of independent media to disseminate truthful information to the masses will become even more indispensable to society.

[February 9, 2021 Idavox Report with Daryle-Lamont Jenkins, Brian Powers, Christian Perez, and Luis-Enrique Marquez]

Double Standards & True Colors

Luis recalls a recent instance where he was arrested by 200 cops in Portland. He recalls that he, a 5’6 man, was surrounded by 50 cops from each direction. He was handled rudely as he was processed post-arrest. Meanwhile, cops were taking selfies and chatting it up with some Proud Boys who were arrested that same night. 

There will always be those who are willing to sell out their own people to get a cut of power and money. Some people of color are members of racist right-wing groups. This is both disheartening and futile. At the end of the day, the majority of the group is made of racists who will never stop judging people for the color of their skin. Racists will eventually turn on Black and Brown people, even if those populations helped get the racists into power.

Our panel takes a question from an audience member who is wondering what might happen to these right-wing groups now that Trump is out of power. Daryle is not psychic, so he can’t be sure, but he will be keeping an eye out. As we’ve seen in Charlottesville, just because certain groups go quiet does not mean they are dead — they might just be recuperating. Daryle is unsure but he says that the real question pertains to the left. Will WE keep organizing in this crucial time?

Antifa Activity

You can tell that the terrorist attacks on January 6th were not conducted by Antifa for a host of stark reasons. For one, and perhaps most obviously, the people who stormed the Capitol were walking around with their personal information tattooed on their backs. Luis laughs, remembering how those interviewed that day proudly revealed their names and hometowns on camera. This information can be traced to legitimate lives matching the appearances and behaviors we saw on the 6th. It would be literally impossible to fake or stage that as a member of Antifa, especially not on that scale.

Daryle is a member of the Antifascist Unity Coalition. AFUC is involved with several mutual aid projects and food banks. If you are interested in the organization or getting connected with mutual aid, contact Daryle or visit As the pandemic hopefully draws to a close soon, the Coalition will be doing even more projects such as productions and movie festivals.

Luis has some words for our listeners before we go: if you feel like you are getting down, don’t hesitate to seek therapy. Getting burned out as an activist is an easy trap to fall into but a dangerous one at that. “This shit is a marathon, bro,” warns Luis. You can follow Luis and his podcast on Twitter.

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-Leah Giannantonio, for Revolution Radio

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