From Saving 32 Acres to a City Council Run: Jacqui Wenzel

We are joining one of our earliest partners, Jacqui Wenzel as she gets ready to see the results of her first run at public office!

Jacqui has been trying to save one of the last bits of open space in the area of her house. 32 Acres of land in Ocean Township has an ancient history tied to Native American farming and it was a given that the developer who owned the land was going to pave right over it and build a Wawa, something our state probably doesn’t need more of. Listen to Jacqui give us an update!

Livestreaming From The Venezuelan Embassy:

#NJRR Livestreamers Tom Violett and Cora Santaguida both get big time thanks for headed to DC and livestreaming the very tense situation at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington. The protectors of the Embassy and supporters of the clown car coup led by Juan Guiado are standing off and the secret service arrested a peace activist, who was bleeding, for throwing a cucumber.

Lyft and Uber Strikes:

Diane and Brian discuss the NPR report on Lyft and Uber drivers striking on the eve of the IPO for Uber, estimated to be worth 91 Billion Dollars. Despite the money that their labor has provided to executives and will provide to investors, drivers struggle to make ends meet and barely ever take off.


120+ Days and we still do not know the truth. Follow the Facebook Page for updates.


Watch some of our live streams from the Venezuelan Embassy in DC! 

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