In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution Heather delves into all things gerrymandering in New Jersey and the Country.

In the close of 2018, Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey tried a very undemocratic thing. They tried to pass a redistricting bill near the close of session that could alter how New Jersey would draw their legislative districts. Thankfully, activists from across the state were paying attention. In response, they showed up on the steps of the statehouse with signs and a message. “Don’t Gerrymander NJ”. Activists testified they did not support this bill. Soon after this outpouring, Democrats pulled the bill.

This episode is a collection of short interviews with activists from around the state. Activists include William Adler, Uyen Khuong, Brian Lee, and Meredith Meisenheimer. Also included is, a long form interview with Helen Kioukis from the League Of Women Voters. She explains the nuts and bolts of what the bill was. Then she explains what a fair bill looks like. Gerrymandering hurts democracy. As long as activists are ready to take a stand, we can prevent it.

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