#NJRR Live: “Getting The Shot” Resistance to Vaccinations

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Good evening, everybody! Join Co-Host Afrika and a panel of New Jersey-based activists to talk about people who are skeptical about vaccinations and more. Tonight’s show is going to touch upon a number of complex subjects. It’s often difficult to change someone’s mind in an online argument. People tend to enter debates with no intention of learning anything at all. Brian hopes that the discussion tonight will be productive and respectful. He wants minds to be changed as a result of what we talk about on this show. 

The bottom line is that if you refuse to change your mind, you’re going to end up a stupid person. Being open-minded is crucial to development. When you’re changing your mind, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. It isn’t always easy to admit that you’re wrong about something, but it is necessary to grow as a person. If Brian had never changed his mind, he might still be a conservative like he was in high school. He is so glad that he was able to realize the error in his ways.

Afrika Talks Revolution

First, we welcome our co-host Afrika to the show. Brian asks Afrika once again, as he likes to whenever Afrika visits the show: Are we having a revolution? Did Biden winning change anything? Afrika says that nothing has really changed. Joe Biden’s cabinet is full of selections that look good but are actually just more of the same. 

Biden has appointed Black cabinet members but Afrika feels they are all career politicians. This administration is trying to distract us from their plan to further neoliberalism and ignore the needs of the working class. Afrika offers the live audience a hundred dollars if they can point out a single member of Biden’s cabinet who has done something significant to benefit society, but no comments come in.

Narratives in Journalism

Brian asserts that there is no true journalism happening on the part of major media outlets in America today. He notices that the narrative tends to be singular when it comes to major news networks and that anchors focus on talking points without doing any actual research. The critical thought of our nation fails when people are not informed on the issues.

Even though Biden openly says that he is against the Green New Deal, the media is acting as if a radical progressive won the election. Their narrative this time is that it’s a good thing that Biden won the election. It is good that Trump lost, but that is the extent of what we can claim as a victory.

Murder in Iran

In Iran, a civilian professor and a top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was murdered in a hail of bullets shot from a remote-controlled car. This is not the first time something like this has happened in that part of the world. All signs point to Israel being behind this. This mob-style murder is believed to have been carried out by The Mossad which runs a vast network of spies and agents that work nefariously behind the scenes. Brian is reminded of when Obama used to have civilians killed overseas without ever facing trial and hopes that it doesn’t start happening again under the Biden administration.

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Tonight’s Panel

We open up our panel by welcoming our special guest, comrade, and resident conspiracy theory expert Christian Perez to the show. We also welcome Jennifer Lewinski. Jennifer is an activist and organizer for black liberation and equity. She is an advocate for abolition and localized cooperative economics and is a co-founder of the Asbury Park Transformative Justice Project that seeks to lower recidivism and build safer communities by activating transformative justice practices in place of the current violent systems. 

Currently, the Justice Project is working on building community-led alternatives to policing in Asbury Park as well as partnering with labor organizations to reconcile acts of harassment and violence in the workplace without adding state and capital violence. For example, they are working on creating an alternative emergency response program in which police are never involved. If you want to donate, Jennifer says that the Project will gladly accept any money through its website.

Tune into this week’s particularly heated episode of #NJRR Live!

Why are so many people freaking our on line about the vaccine?

Newark is a hugely significant place; it is the most populated city in New Jersey. Every train line in North Jersey passes through Newark. There is a port in the city that takes in billions of dollars worth of goods per year. Many other large centers of populations and transportation hubs are places that the COVID virus can be spread.

Since brian has maintained a strong stand against anti-vaxxers on air, we have lost donors, but he doesn’t care. He won’t compromise the health of the people he loves in order to make money. Our message is the truth. Even as the virus kills 1 person every minute, public polling suggests widespread skepticism surrounding vaccinations. We are here to discuss and break down some of the misconceptions that lead to such a mindset.

Chess With A Chicken

The science of today should be our country’s medical priority. The way Jennifer sees it, there are already so many corrupt institutions in our country. Science is one of those rare things that is tangibly true and why people would turn their backs on it is beyond her. The way she sees it, it’s difficult to argue with the type of people who tend to legitimately believe antivax conspiracy theories. Jennifer describes it as a “chess with a chicken” type of situation. Often, they truly do not want to change their minds, so they willfully ignore scientific proof.

Afrika tells about why he is wary of vaccines. All American institutions are racist, shares Afrika. For just one example, he knows Black women who went to go have children in the year 2020 and died because they were not taken seriously. The field of medicine has always been racist. Particularly, doctors have never taken Black peoples’ concerns as seriously as those of white people. To Afrika, it is too big an ask for Black people to trust doctors to shoot them up with anything, even if it is supposed to be helpful. In fact, he finds it suspicious that everyone, the media included, is saying that the vaccine is a good thing.

Accepting Reality

There is a very real history of the institution of medicine being racist in America. Christian notes that it goes all the way back to indigenous peoples being given infected blankets. He argues that something has racism in its roots doesn’t make it inherently completely racist in the modern era. Brian asks Afrika what he would have to see in order to accept the vaccine. Afrika demands for an institution that has not been corrupted by money, politics, or white supremacy to tell him that he should get the vaccine. 

Jennifer points out that people are not producing the vaccine in order to save us, they’re doing it to save the economy. The higher-ups of society will be able to receive the vaccine long before us. We’ll be last in line! That’s how we’ll know it’s not gonna kill us. Jennifer says that she always does research before consuming information from the media. She notices that this vaccine is not something that is being sold to us. It’s something that we as a society naturally and desperately want at this point after suffering through a pandemic for nearly a year. 

We do not trust big pharma, but we need to separate big pharma and the elites from scientists and researchers on the ground. Vaccines are developed using the scientific method, which has been tried and true for hundreds of years. If these vaccines were causing problems in research, they would not be passed. New Jersey Revolution Radio reiterates that, for the good of all people, the science of today should be our country’s medical priority.

-Leah Gale Giannantonio, for New Jersey Revolution Radio

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